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Caeds. _ Circulara. _- Bill-Heads. _ Letter-Heads. _- Shippmg Tags. _ Printed at the Arous office. __In the best style and cheap. _ Don't order elsewhere before calling. _ Satisfaction guaranteed in every respect. _ Jiake roady for the tax collector. _A. H. Partridge has removed to Austin, Texas. _ The philosopher's stone : Advertise- in the Aegus. _ Good sleighing and rough weather yestertoj. Tally tor Thanksgiving. - The Thanksgiviug vacation in the Literary Papartment of the University commenced Wcd_-On Wednesday afternoon the Circuit Court adjourned over Thanksgiving ; to 10 o'clock, a. H., to-day. _To accommodate Thanksgiving we send the ASOÜS to press at an hour too early to write up the latest news. _Bach & Abel offer liberal indvicements to goods buyers : a tnck of their's but specially patent in these times. - Supt. Hays of the Farmers' Store is baiting the public with a large stock at " panic prices.'. See advertisement. - Tlie iall term of the public schools of this city closed on Wednesday. The new term wil! open on Monday next. - The aged mother of J. H. Hicks, of Lodi ,lie;l suddenly on Monday last, or was found dead in her bed on Monday moming. - There was a haudsome fall of snow Sunday night and Monday, with daily accessions since, and the " run of sleighing " is being improved. - The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Thos' Sniith, of Pittsfield, was celebrated yesterday aftemoon. There was a general gathering of sons, daughters, grandchildren, and friends. _ Thanksgiving services were held yesterday a. usual. Dr. Haskell preached to the union congregation- Baptist, Congregatioual, Methodist" and Presbyterian- in the Presbyterian Ohurch. _S. M. Webster, late City Treasurer, has been arrestad on a charge of embezzling city fniuls, Dr. Woodruff being complaiuant. The short" funds were deposited with Miller & Webster. - The trial of the Marsh, Metcalf and Bycraft men and boys- eight in all- charged with the murdor of Breitenbach in the Lyndon " hucklebcrry " swamps was commenced in the Circuit Court on Tuesday. - In this Aeoiis wc complete the interesting serial story, " Proceedings of the Board of Supemsors." It is at least a figurative if not an imaginativa piece of composition, and proves anew the truth of the proverb, " fact is strangcr than fiction." - This evening, Nov. 28, Mr. Milloson, SpiritArtist, will lecture at the Unitarian Church on The uses and beauties of the art phase of mediumship." A life-sized group of spirit portraits of the childreu of Thomas A. Curtís, of Dexter, will be exhibited. - Dr. Holland is the next lectureriu thecourse of the S. L. A. Time : Friday evening next December 5. Subject: The Elements of Per. sonal Power. Dr. Holland is too well kuown, both as writer and lecturer, to need any special pufting. Go and hear him. - The statute of limitation out short (?) the September term of the Circuit Court on Saturday last. The November term commenced on Monday, the first day bemg occupied in the first cali of the calendar, hearing motions, &c. The term promises to be a long one. Wc hear that au injunction has been issued out of the United States Court at Detroit, at the suit of Dr. Chase and against E. A. Beal, to restraiu Beal from publishing his advertised new edition of "Dr. Chase's Kecipes and Information for Everybody" a tomporary injunctiou of course. - Koswell W. Parsons, farmer and miller, of Saline, made an assignment on Monday for the beuent of his creditors. The assignees are Messrs. C. H. Wallace and A. K. Clark, of Saline, and Newton Sheldon, of this city. The liabilities are about $30,000, with assets nominally valued at $20,000. The barn of James Sage, Esq., Supervisor of Lodi, was burned on Saturday night last, with a large quantity of hay and grain, including 700 bushels of wheat. One colt and two calves were also burned. Six horses were taken out by some young men living in this city who were coming l)y on their way home from Manchester. InBured in the Washtenaw Mutual for $2,300. Loss not yet determined. It ia supposed that the fire was carelessly set by a man sleeping in the barn and that he was also burned. The groimd of this suspicion is : A man who had worked for Mr. Sage part of the summer, and who was a trapper, picked up his traps on Saturday morning and said that he was goiug to Saginaw for the winter. His traps were all found in the ruins, and also charred bones thought to be human bones. We have not learned the man's name. If his whereabouts cannot be learned the suspicions will be confinned. II III Prof. Morse was greeted by a largo audience ou Monday evening, and in discussing andillustrating his pre-aimounced subject, " From Moad to Man " made for himself many friends. After enunciating a few general propositions he coufiaed himself tracing the relations of the animal creation, more especially as shown by the method or marnier of locomotion, from the lowest grade or mere cell to man. He is an easy, unaft'ected, rapid speaker, and draws his crayon illustrating pictures as rapidly as he speaks. The audience gave evidence of being well pleased. On Wednesday aiternoon another Pigeon slioot between the Upper and Lower town shootists took place, with the following result : trrPEB town. Leiter, 111110 110 1- Cate, 10 111110 1 1-8 Lewitt, 1111110 0 0 1-7 Lawrence, 11110 0 10 1 0-6 Traver, 11110 0 0 0 0 1-5 LOWEE TOWN. Manly, 110111011 0-7 Forter, 000110001 0-3 Bailey, 0 11111111 1-9 Moore, 001111111 1-8 Beckley. 501111001 0- ú Upper town, 34 ; Lower town, 32. At a meeting of the Common Council held üct 27th, the City Treasurer was instructed to make formal demand of the late Treasurer.Webster for the f unds due froni him to the city, and in case of failure to make prompt payment "to take measures to collect it from the sureties on lus bond:" in accordance with the terms of which re8olution suit has been commenced in the Circuit Court against the sureties of Mr. Webster. The City Marshal has given public notice, by posting bilis, that the ordinance prohibitmg cattle running at large will be strictly enforced also the ordinance prohibiting ashes or offal o: any kind being thrown into the streets ; aiu also the ordinance requiring sidewalks to be cleaned promptly after a fall of snow. We trust that there will be no " false motions " on the Marshal's part.


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