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TIip foltowing magazines for December have boen On our table for ome days : Scribnrrs Mmithlt opens with the second paper of Mr. King on Louisiaua, paofusely illustratcd and both rcadal)le and instructivo "Savage Man" is the title of an illustrated " popular science " paper ; there is a portrait ol the Englisli aslronomer, Proctor, now lecturing in tliis country, with a sketch of hiin by John Fraser ; Froude's second paper on an EngHsh Abbey, in which something is said of Watt Tyler ; three more chapters of Katherine Earle, by Adeline ïrafton; four more chaptera of Earthen Pitchers, by Mrs. Itebecca Harding Davis; The Besumption of Specie Payment, by Prof. Atwater, of l'rinceton; Black Rock, a touching story, by Amalie La Forge ; Carhsm in Spain, by J. W. Preston ;'poems by MacDonald, Bret Harte and others, and readable articles in the minor department, - especially in Dr. Holland's " Topics of the Times." Now is the time to subscribe for the new year. $4 a year. ScBiBNEii & Co., New York ; with the Aeous 5. - The Ede.ctic Magazine has a timely portrait of Emilio Castelar, President of the Spanish Republic, with a biographical sketch, and its list of papers covers a wide range and includes : Petrarch, his Life, Times, and Works, I. ; Jack and the Beanstalk, by Miss Thackeray ; The Regent ürleans and his Age ; News from Júpiter, by Richard A. Proctor ; Part III. of Ivan Turgenieff's Novel, Spring Floods ; The Protestant, Restoration in France ; Strauss asa Politician; Vienna in Exhibition Time ; The Progress of Science in China ; A French Public School, and lesser papers Literary,"Science, and Art. Notes, etc. The number cloaes the year, and uow is the time to subscribe or renew. $ö a year, E. R. I'kltox, 108 Fulton Street, New York. With the Argtjs ?5.oO. - The St. Kioholus- Scribner's new magazine for the Young - is bright and sparkling with good thiugs, fully maintaining the promise of the initial number. There are 44 pictures and they include drawings by Moran, Stephens, Sheppard, Beard, and otlier well-kuowu American artists, which is commcnt enough on this departmeut. The contents are of the first order, and include : Jack Frost, a poem by Celia Thaxter ; Naylor 'o the Bowl, a story by Mrs. R. H. Davis ; The Water Dolly, by Sarah O. Jewett; Tlie Giant Watabore, a big clnld's story by M. M. D., and a capital take off of certain follies ; How a Tiuker (Bunyan) Wrote a Novel, by Donald G. Mitchell ; two more chapters of Frank R. Stockton's serial, Wliat might have been Expected; and, well space fails us for enumeration. Ut. Nicholas is a success. Invite Santa Claus to serve it up for Young America. $3 a year. Scribner & Co., New York. With the Akous, $t 20. - The Aldine is an art galllery in itself. There are six f uil page pictures - each worthy preservation. They are : Christmas in the Fields and Old Friends, both by John S. Davis, and both superb ; " Behold yon Towers," by T. Moran ; " How lovely is this Silent Scène," by A. Measom ; " God so Loved the World," by C Mettais ; and Haidee. The score of smaller pictures are all beautiful both in design and execurion, several of them being real gems. We may name : The Lottery Ticket, by Kunz ; Training Young Terriërs, by Simmler ; Baruyard Petitioners, by Pletsch; The Little Red Riding Hood series; and Feline Felicity. The contents include : The Siamese tChristmas, by Mrs. Leonowens ; The Emerald God, Editorial ; A Christmas Idyll, by Alice M. Guernsey ; Winter Scènes, by N. Whitman Bailey ; and articles descriptive of the engravings. Tbe number closes volume VI. In a nother column will bc found the prospectus for the coming year, offering rare inducement to subseribers. $5 a year with two oil chromos. James Sutton & Co., 00 Malden Land, Xew York. - The Cutholic World has : A Talk on Metaphysic, Dante's Purgatorio, Grapes and Thorns, Spiritualism, The Evangelical Alliauce, Catholic Literature in England since the Reformation, The Song of Roland, The Court of France in 1830, The Fur Trader, lesser papers, reviews &c. The leading articles are thoroughly controversial. fóayear. CatholicPublication Society, New York. - The Nuraery, in paper, print, and pictures, story and verse, is perfection, and the eyes of all little 'uns will assume the appearance of two saucers as they turn its pages. If you want your four ycar old boy or girl to learn to read, and that without urging or drilling, subscribe for the Xursery for 1874. $1.50 a year. John L. Shorey, Boston. With the Arous, $3.


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