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ARGUS BULLETIN ! WANTED 2000 NEW SUBSCRIBERS WATSTEiy. More Merchants nd Business men, who knowing their owu interests will adrertise in the Arous. GET YOUR BILL-HEAD8, CIRCULARS, LETTER-HEADH, STATEMENTS, At the Ara;us Office. QET YOUR BALL CARD8, BUSINESS CARDS, VISITING CARDS, WEDDING CARDS, At the As rus Office. GET YOÜK LAW BLANK8, LAW BBIEFS, LAW BECOBDS, PBOÖBAMME8, AT THE ARGUS OFFICE. New Type, Best Presses, Good Workim-n, AND REASONABLE PRICES ! ÍW A WOED TO THE WISE. Estáte of Joseph Grane. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of O At a session of the Probate Court for the I 'ounty of M aahtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the City of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the seventoenth day oi Novemh';r, in yeav one thousaud efarht hundred mi sevestT-throp. Present, N01U1 V. Cbpvr, Judge of Probet In the matter "f the estáte of .Joseiih Cisue de. oeased. Di.vid Dpue ,„i viiuam [... t;,„„e, adminisiratorsol rtnKi etftale, come iiiio rouri nd repreenl tliBt they hip now prepttred (o renrier their ttnal account as snch ftdiBinutmttw. Thfreupon it ü ordered, thnl Mondar, tl (Ifteenth day of December next, ut (en n'clock in the forenoon, be aaniifncd forexaiaiziingfmd allowfng saeb account, nnd thut the heit ni Ih oi rmd deoeased, and all other persons iutereeted in said estáte, are requhed to aneo ni i andan of said Court, tlien to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, in said connty, and show cause, if imy there be, why the said asoount should not be nllowcd: And it i tuit her orderf d. thtit anid adniinistratora giYé notioeto the perMmsintereAtèd in iid state, of thepeudenc.y of nid iccounl. md the hearing thereof, by cauaiug a copy of this order to be published in the mehigan Mijns, n newnpaper printed mul ciroulatinttinsaidCounty, three (nodeMive wwks previou to said day of hearing. (A true copy.) NOAH W. GHKEVEB, M Jul(ic of Probate. Estáte of Charles Marken. TATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wahtcnaw,ss. j At a seasion of Ihe Probate ('ourt for the County ui Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in thi city of Anu Arbor, on Friday, the aeventh day of November, in the year one thousand eighl hundred and seventy-three. Present, Nonh W. Cheever, Judije of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Charlea Marken, deceaaed. On reading and filing the petition, duly verifled, of Philip Blum, prayinK thut a certiiin inntrument now on üle in thia court, purportirig to be the last will and testament of eaid deceased, mny be admitted to probate, and Ihat he may be appointed executor thereof. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the eighth day of December next, at ten o'clock in tlie forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of aaid petition , and that the deviaees, leñatees and heira at law of said deceased, and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a session of aaid Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the prnyer of the petitioner ahould not be granted. And it is f urther ordered, that said petitioner give notice to the peraonB interested in Raid eatate, of the pendency of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be publiahed in the Michigan Argüí, a newnpaper printed and circulating in said County, three suecetwive weeks previous to said day of hearing. (A trui copy.) NOAH W. CHEEVEK, 1453 Judge of Probate. Estáte of Susan H. Welles, minor. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Washtenaw, sa. C At a sesaion of the Probate Court for the county of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate office, in the city of Aun Arbor, on Monday, the tenth day of November, in the year oue thouaand eight hundred and seventy three. Present, Noah W. Cheever. Judpe of Probate. In the matter of tho estute of Suaan H . Welles, minor. On reading and ftling thepetition, duly verifted, of Silas H. Douglaas, Guardián, prayingthat he may be licensed to eell cerUin real estáte belongiug to said minor Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesdny, the ninth day of December next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition, and that the next of kin of said minor, nnd all other persons interested in eaid estáte, are required to appear at a sesaion of said court, then to bd holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Anu Arbor, and show cause, if auy there be. why the pr:iyer of the petitioner should nut lie granted': And it is further ordered that said petitioner give notice to the persons interested in said eatate, of the pendency of aaid petition, and the hearing thereof, bv cauaing a copy of this order to be published in the Michigan Árgnu, a newspiiper printed and cirwilating in snid county, three succemiv weeks previous to said dny o hearing. (A true copy. NOAH W. CHEEVER, HS2 Judge of Protjnte Roal Estnte for S:vle. STATE OF MICHlIiAN, county of Washtenaw, M In the matter of the estáte of V eit Zeeb. decensed Notice is hereby jiiven, that in pursiu.nce of an or der granted to the undersigned, Adminiatrator of th eatate of snid deeeascd, by the Hon. Judye of Pro bate for the countj oí Wahtenaw, on the fourth diiy of November, a. d. 1873. tb ure will be old at public vendue, to the higheat bidder, at the south door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, in the county of Washtennw. in Raid State, on Tuesday, the twentythird day of Uectmber. a. d. ls;;i. at ten o'clock in the forenoon oi tlmt day (subject to all encurabnincea by inortpitfie or ntberwine nxisting at the time of t e death ot said deceaaed, ttud ulso rabjeot to the right of dower i-f Klizabeth Z eb, widow of said deceased therein), the tollowing desciibed real estáte, to wit : The went half of the southwest qnnrtcr of sectiou twenty-twn the weat half of the northwest qnartt'i' nf tection twenty-sovtn ; the unundivided three-eighth of the west half of the noithwest ijuarler uf sectïon two, in town two south rangi'flvc cast (Scio.J A!o the fnllowing described land in Northtield. in said county, to wit : bezinning nt'thf northeast corner of section thirtyflve thence Bouth on th enst line of aid seetion to the center ot the Pontiac road, thence aouthweslerly nlonir the conter of sjtid road to the east and weat quarter line of aaid section, thence west on said quarterline to tho huif quaitet ijoat, thence north on the weat line of the eaat halt of the northeast quarter of said section to the nurth aection line ot sjud section, thence east on said .section line to (lip place of beginning (excepting a piece of land twe ty feet in width off of the west pide of smid landt, nll in iaid State. Dated November 4th, a. u. 1S;s. W1LLTAM AI'UIT,. Administratur. Real Estáte for Sale. STATK OF MTCHJGAX, County of Wüshtennw, as. In the matter oí the estáte of George Toung, Senior. Notice is hereby piven, thut in purauaiicc of uu order granttd u the umlerf-igned administrator of the estáte of suid déceascd by the Honorable Judye ni Probate for the Counfy ot Wn.-htennw, on the twentj-flrat day of October A. D. 187a, there will he sold at public veudue, to the highest bidder attheresidenoe of the uudersisned iu the townahip of Lyndon, in the county of ashtenaw in anid State, on Baturday the thirteenth day of lecmVer, A. D. lö":i, at 10 u'clock in the forenoon ut that day (subject to all encumbrancea by mortnge or otherwiae exiating at the time of the death of aaid deceased. and also Bubject to the rieht of dower ot the widow ui aaid deceaaed therein) , the following deseribed real eatnte, to wit : The west hall of the north east qunrter of aection twenty in town one aouth, range three east ir. said State, contaiuing eighty aerea, more or less. THOMAS YOUNÖ, AdrniDiatrator. Dated, Oct., 21st, A. I). 1873. Sheriff 's Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Washtenaw, ss. O By virtue of an executiou istmed out of and uuder the seal of the Circuit Court for the county of Washtenaw, to me directed Hnd delivered, in favor of John Geer, plaintitf, and against the goods and chattels, lands and tenementa of Moaes Marks, defendant therein named, 1 did on the aeventeenth day of October, 1873, levy on the following described real estáte, to wit : Lots numbertwo (2), four (4), six (6), and eight f8), in block number five (5) in Ormsby & Page'a addition to the village (now city) of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw county, Michigan, which proper - ty above described I shall exposé for sule to the highest bidder, at public auclion, at the south door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, m Washtenw county, on ISaturday, the twenty-seventh day of December, 1873, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of aaid day. Dated, Nov. 10, 187S. M. FLEMING, Sheriff, 14R2td By G. W'. Browi, Deputy Sheriff. Mortgage Sale. WHEREAS James E. Selfe and Eliza Ann Selfe, of the township of Manchester, county ol Washtenaw, and Stat of Michigan, on the üfteenth day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousund eight hundred and seventy, executed a mortgage to Charles J. Howell, of the city of New York, and State of New York, to secure the payment of certain principal and interest money therein mentioned, which mortgage was recorded in the office of the Kegister of Deeds in said county, on the loth day of August, A. D. 1870, at ÍH o'clock P. M. of said day. in liber 43 of mortgagi-s, on page 801 ; and wfcereaa dofault has been made for more thnn thirty days in the payment of an installmentof said interest money which became due on the flfteenth day of July, A. D. 1S72 by reason whereof and pursuant to the terms of said mortgage said mortgagee hereby elects that fco much (f said principal as remain unpaid, with all arrearages of interest thereon, shall become due and payable immediately ; and whereas there is claimed to De due and unpaid on sid mortgage at the date of this notice, the sum of two thousand nine hundred and forty-eight dollars for principal and interest, tuno an attorneys lee or lorty dollars sbould aiiy pioceedinga be tHken to fuveclose said mortgage, and nosuit orproceedingshaving been instituted either ín law or equity to recover the same or any part thereof : Noticeia therefore hereby given, tbat on the fif tfienth day of November next, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the front door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, county aforesaid (that being the building in whtch the Circuit Court for said couuty is held), and by virtue of the power of wale contained in saul mortgage, I slmll eU at public auction to the higliest bidder the preraises described in said mortgape tosatisfy the amouiit of principnl and interest aboveclaimedündue, with the charges of sale and attorney's fee of tony dolhus : All those certain pieces or prcels of land situated in the townshipof Manchester, county of Wihtenaw, and State of Michigan, knowu, bounded and described as follows, to wit : Being the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of Beetion number four (4), also the northwest quarter ot the southeaat quarier of said aection number four fexcept the lights and privileges grantd to the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad Compaiiy), alsothe southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of aaid section number four (4) : also the following described land to wit : beginning easterly ten chains and fourteen hnka trom the southwe8t corner of the east half of the north part of the north west quarter of section number three, thence northcrly twenty-flve chains, thence ensterlv four chaina, thence sontherly twenty-five rhains, and thence westerly four chnins un.) four links to tlie place oí beginning, the last deacription containing ten acres, the whole of the above described land araounting to one hundred and flíty aeren ; aleo the southeast ter of the southeast quarter of naid section number four M}, except fourteen nores heretofore deeded to Luman Stevens, all in township four Bouth of range number three enst, in said county of Washtenaw. Dated, August 15.1873. CHARLES J. HOWEIX, Mortgapee. Johk N. Gott, Atty. for the Mortgagee. U39td The above sale i postponed until the 13th day of December neit, at the aarae time aud place. Not. 15, 1873. CHARLES J. HOWELL, Mortgagee. John N. Gott, Att'y for Mortgagee. A Chance for Bargains ! For al at a frreat bargain, 160 ACitES OF CHOICE LAND, lying 2 y, milee from the city of Ionia. 100 acre under ïmprovement, with good orchard, ham nd shed, and a comfortable house. Terme of paymnt-from2,00U to $2,500 down; balnnce on lonir time. A18O90ACRE8. about H miles from Augusta, Knlmaioo County. all improved, with good buildings. Terms- extremely low. Also 40 ACRKS about eight milesfrom Uastings. Also 80 ACRES on soction 9 in the town of Hazelton, Shiawassu County, about 12 miles from Oorunua. Well timbered. For terms addreas the undertigned. E. B. POND. Ann Arbor, April i, 1873. Mortgage Sale. DKFAULT having been made in the ennrVta mortgage executed by James iT-5,lon8f Fanny Mcfrahon, his wife to iil,w ir ,H,1011 a4 bearfng date the first day of Februa.y A n g,laas. inclmoiMm the office uf tho iS'ter nPv?"' orWashtcnaw County, Michigan o tlfe , ?■ ra it iebruary, A. D. 1868, in Hbr 34 of mi i 4 WB448, by whioh defa.ilt the p„w' ofT'0 ained tn id mci-tg. bas b.n,„e OTOrattÍTa, S lmWefl;an ia claiinéd to hédue . date the um of three thousand two hun.?. nd flfty three dollars and forty flv een ti " ieL"ld lollar as „n Attomey fee as proTidinbitó11 gage and no.uit or proceeding at k' or tcT'' eery harina been instituted torecover the w "- nared by ,„id mortgage or any part thtr.', ' H i thereforu hereby given that by virtue onheil "! ot Mteoonta d in said mortgage, and oi th,' w n wh case made and provitei, 'said m0 1 ÏS bc foreolosed on Sal uirtav, the tñrentT-ionrS'S WU ot that day, at the soul h door of the CourtX' inttaeoityof Ann Arbor, insaid county ot V naw, (said ConrtHouse being the il ;',.„,, the CiicuHCourt for the aid „un X , ï"!' sale, at public auction, to the tagheel bidder premises, described in aid woWflgi 1 Si inortgagcd premises are described m id mor foUows, vta: All those ttact. or pilm'i" ,' sitúate in the townrtiip of ot Am,' A , , nd State aforemid, to wit: Tho eaat 1, i't r noi heast quarter of sention eighteen, tow wuth, range s,x east ; and also ftrianp and ofl the west h„lf of the ,ame quar me east of the Curnwell rond, MmpencinJ wutheast corner of the west half o' then qunrter ot said sectiou and rnnnlng iimtl,, V oaatBidoof the Comwell road twelv, ,i k' ', the iouthwext fraction of thé northwestf quarter of Motion seventeen, co , au „ . f' 1"'1 and ninety hundredths of an ' M othei tract or parcel of land being part o tl e ,'," east quarter ofsection seventeeu in s: rt ■ !' eommencing at a stake and stones in SïoraSftS of section venteen, a,.,l running thTnc? orty-one rods to a stake and tonet, thence ,, ly tifty roda toa gtake and „tone, thence west t o h Huronnver, thence along aMriver rothe jl„. beginmng; and alm a certain „nd perrn,, ,,, ,L" of flowingland on the northeart quartei oi part of the southwest tractional quartei of -,', ,! mosteli f? í'lnd ""raotín mili race Hoñ nf ? r ?L or round on the nortlieast tra p.cceoi parcel of h,„d on aai? „ wrt : Vhli lan?, b;tween Bllirt 1.l ll"a friver and ah all the land on sai.I Southwest ftïï tionul quarter of section Tenteen, betwetBi south line of the the rond running eaaterly fe rieron the quarter line and a line parallel eightrodsdistant on the south wde oi 8„id ,, quarter line, and also the right of makinr a„d feS ing in repair at all times a tail race so called fS the mili on the premises ahove grantcd into the nu! at any point on the said outhwest fractionol „ ofseetion eventeen, intonding to convey the SS and eduive water power to run the mme, hn as the Kellogg milis, and the rights, trivü,',.! ! franchises connecUd therewithf exceptíng 'Zi n jervingftomthe foregoing the landh by said McMahon to John L. Tappan. Ann Arbor, Mich., October 28, 1878 8ILAS H Dorci.ASS. Mortuaeee Felch & Grant, Atty's tor Mortgaget. Mortgage Sale. wnEREAS W.ight E. Mili, and CUrtai, F y MUI, ot thetownship ot Mancheiu., co,' of Waahtenaw, and State ot Michigan o! tu teenth day of December, A. D. 1871, ecated . mortgage to Charles J. Howell ol ' llie citv oi V.Í ork, to secure the paymuut ol cel taai principal ai! interest money therein mentionod, whieh morttl recorütd in the office oi Eegwtei ol n, the couuty of Washtennw and .state ot MidZra on the eighth day of Januan', A. D, 1872, atSo'S P. M. in Liber48, page 12: And wherea, delnh has beeu made for more than twenty dayi in tic n ' ment of au instalment of suid Interest reonev wïï oecame dun ou the iirst day ot Januari i j ií by reason whereof and pursmmt to the temí mortgage, said mortRugee elects tliat so much of n,iJ principal as remaiiw unpaid with all air.:, interest thereonshall become due and payableimm. diately: And whereas there is oluinitu ló ),c due ai' unpaid at the date of thls notice the su ot ni. thousiind six hundred and Ibrty-nine si ninety-two cents for principal and interest ,r dollars a a reasonable solicitor oruttoi nej fi for in addition to all other legnl costs, as o any proceedings is taken to fbiacIOBe said mottsan either by virtue ol the above power oí sale l ceryor in any otlnr marnier piovided by law aIlj no auit or proceedings haviug been instituttd eitlo m luw or equity to recover the saine or ai thereof; Notice iheretore is hereby given, tiatoi Saturday, the sixth day of December hui o'clock in the aftemo'U ol snid day al the door of the ('ourt House in the city'ol Ann Aitot f that being the building in wliicli the Cilcuit i cort tor the couuty of Waahtenaw, andStatt alorcaiid k held,) and by virtue of the power ot sale contu said mortKwe, 1 shall sell at publicnuctiontoil bigbeat bidder the premises desciibid msmd mortgajie, to satisfy the itmount of principal and il claimedto be aue, with the a tt ome j 'f ( of afiydii lars and oharges of sale to-wil : All üioe certni pieces or pareéis of land situated In the towmhinof Mi.nchester, county of Waahtenaw, and Si Michif-an afoiesaid, known, bonnded ai as follows, to wil : Beinp the ast halt of the nonl east quarter, and the northeaat quaitc-rutthesonüV east quarter, of section i.c ícxmiíing one and a halt anea of the last abovedi piece ot land'; also the northenst quartei HO'ithwest quurter of sectiou nuj;,i. i thiitj wo.lhi east haltot the quarter of section numkr thirty, i_;íi) (excL'píinfí sixty acres fiom tiie noitli eíil of the last above deoiibed pieee of : that part of the west half of the northwesl of seetion number thirty-two which lies .south of the center of the highway above mentioii fiom the westside ot the noitliea.-l iiii-oi, i of tl southwest quarter of said section, li . tuo histpm. cels of land on section thirty-two coniiiniiiu ix and a half acres of land, and being the sanie land deeded by Oliver Nickolsand his wite to Gei Matthews in the spring of lSf!!),all in Lownsliip uum ber four south of range nnmber three ej et, taimng in all two hundred and fcwenty-flveacrfflaí land. .September ldth, 1873. John N. Gott, f'HAKLKS ,). HOWBÍ L. Attorney for Mortgagee. Hortu Mortgage Sulo. DEFAULT having been made in the cui a certain mortgage, made and ejcecnt ■ Cook and Ann I.. Cook. his wiie, of the city of Auc Arbor, Washtenaw County, and State ot Michigan, to Silas H. Douglass, of the same place, ! the tirst day of Auaust, in the year ol ou Lom ene thousand eight hundred anti, ;ui ed in the omce ot the Register of Deeds oí tle county of Washtenaw, in said State ot Michigan, on tbe lirst day of August, a. d. in liber Sb ot mortg ges, on page 536, on whieh mortsage Uu re is oluimra to be due at the date ot this uolice, lor print i] interest, the sum oi' two tl.ousand five hundred ud ninety -eight dollars and twenty-nine cents, togethei with an attorney fee f ftfty dollars, as provided atiii agreed should any proceedings fce taken tor the foreelosure of said mortgagti ; and wheveiis uo proceedings at law or in equily have been tttken to recover the aame or any part thereof : Now, fcherefore, notice is hereby given that by virtue ot the pMW Of uk contained in mortgage, I símil sel ut public aucttaa to the highest bidder, on Monday, the mnth day fli February, a. d. 1874, at ten of the clock in the lurtnoon ot that day, at the south door oí the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor and State of gan, that being the building in whieh tbfl ' Court for the county of Waahtenafl i. held, the premiBea described in efiid mortgHge, or so much tliereof as ahall be neceasary to eutisíy the arammt due on 8:iid mortgage, the costs and expfcn?e ui nU aale and the attorney fee as aforesaid ; said preieisea are described a follows, towit: All Umi i tract or parcel of land known and desciibtd as fellowa, to wit : lying in the township of Ann Arbor, And being part of the northwest qimrter oí' secíion number thirty-three in township number two poiith of range number six east in aaid State, beginnmgffl the eaat line of aaid quarter section at l-'i teen chaina and tifty-three links south of the nortï:eaat corner of said quarter aection, ind rumiii g thence aouth on said line five chaina and thirtyflTi link, thence aouth fii'ty-one and n-hiúi den i twenty-two chains and eleven links to the center oí the Ypsilanti road, thence nortirweeterly along the center of said road nineteen chains aml ninet;-Li,ve links to a point eighteen chains and serenty fivé ün south of the north line of said pection, tiieoee eari parallel to the north line of said peetion tveu'v chains and thirty-two links, thence north iiirllel to the west line of said aection six ohaius and twontyfive liuks, thence eaat parallel to said north line nme chaina and forty-four links to the east line of wul quarter aection, thence south fonr cliains and tbree links to the place of beginning, and beins? tlw landdeededby Jacob Kempt'to said Cook, i'i'y the Ört part {to aaid mortgngel and the tam laj icscribed in two deeds to said Kenipf rroorded in Ij"10 Register's office, in said poonty, in líber Y of Dwi n pages 676 and 677, and in Über Xo. SS ai öeedi ï pages 5ó8 and 659. Ann Arbor, November 12, 18731, S1LAS H. DOUOLASS, Mortgagee. Felch &Ghaxt, Attorneys for MoTtgHgee, Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been mude m the condiüoa of ucertain mortgage mude imd cxecuted by iolo Ccok, uf the city of Ann Arbor, in the connty cl Wahhtenaw, and State of Michigan, to A Lewitt, of the sume place, hearing date Uw Hl of May, in the yearof our Lord one thousnnd iit'! hundred and sixty-seven, íind recorded iu tbe (tn of the lïetfister of Deeds of wid ootmty of fl aaw, ou the seventh day of 3lay, a. d. 1.S07, i 36 of mortirapes, on page 491, and wbich was ;u'-ferred and asi)ined by said Adeiaide Lewitt t" Slj.'s H. Dougluss, of saidcity of Aun Arbor. ly ■' "'' strument of assignment duly executed, aclno'1" edfred and delivered by her, bfaiinp dnte the tveDty at'th day of April, a. d. 187", and recorded m tlB1 office of said Register of Deeds, on the dtiy last nfc]tl liber 2 of ussignments of O' 501; on which mortgage there is cluimed to be díte ut the date ot this notice, for prineipal and interest, IM suui of fifteen hundred and tlnriy-üvc dollars i!" forty-one cents, together with on attorney fee "1 twentT-live dollars, as provided for in said mol Bhoula any proceedinps be taken to foreclose the snnie; and wheieaa no prooeedings nt law oi' in equity I ' ' been taken to recover tlie same or nny prt therew: Now, therefore. notice ia hereby privón !h:it. by vill'? ot the power of ale coDtained in said ' hall sell at public auction, tothe hiylicst bld Monday the ninth day of JVhruary .V. D., Wit- ten of theclock in theforenoon of thut day, at tlie south door of tho Court House in tlie City of .n Arbor, in snid couniy of Washtenaw and ' tate M Michigan, that being the buildioü in wliirli tl"1 ClIcuit Court for the county of Washtennw is held, 1M premises descnbed in said mortgage,or somucli the"of as shall be necessnry to satisfy the amoiral duf llj said mortgajie, the costs and expensf pot' snid "'e il!.'' theattorneysfeeasafoieaaid. aaidpremisrsan ed as follows, to wit : All those oertain tracts or F"" cela of land sitúate in the City of Á nn Arboi. hl ■' county of Waehtenaw, and Stateof Miohisan. and descrilwd aa theeast three-fomtlis of lot dub' six fB) and the west half of lot number neven (")i blockonefl) north of range six (S) east aecordmg the recorded plat of the viílage of Ami Arbor in en"1 county of Washtenaw. Ann Arbor, November 12, 1878. SILAS H. DOUGLAS, Assignee of said MortgageFelch & Gbant, Att'ys. for said Assijrneo. Sheriff 's Sale. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, county of By virtue of an execution issued out ol'iinu underthesealof the Circuit Court for tbe county " Washtenaw, to me directed and delivered, in fJ of JuliuB Robinson and Louis Lambtrt, ulainfi ■'■ and againut the goods and chattels, lands iind ten ments of Moaaa Marks, defendant therein nHinei í did on the seventeenth day of October, 1873. levy on the followrag descnbed real estáte, to wit: "? number two (2), four (4), bíx (6), and eight f), i block number flve (5} in Ormsby & Page's nddition to the villasre (now city) of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw county, Michigan, which property above desciiboo i shall exposé for sale to the highcst bidder, at puWniction, at the south door of tlie Court House, in tM ;ity of Ann Arbor, in Washtenaw eounty, od Bitmlay, the twentj-seventh day of December, 1S7S, at l)'clock M. of aid day. Dated, November 10, 187S. M. FLEMING, Sheriff, 14Mtd By O. W. Brown, Deputy Slien"'


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