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" Harry, where have you been all morning f " " Down at the pool in the ineadow-brook " Fishing ' " " Yes, but the trout were wary- Couldn't induce them to take a hook." " Whv, look at yourcoat! You must have tnil. 'ii. Yoür back's all covared with leavea and rao3s. How he laughs, good-natured fellow! Bad luck fishing makes most men cross. " Nelly, the Wrighta have called- wliere were you 't " " Uiider the trees by the meadow-brook, lleading, you know, and it was too lovely ; I never saw such a charniing book." The charming book had pleased her greatly ; Thcre's a happy light in her swuet blue eyes, And she hga tlu'cat in most fcrvid fashion, ïo staid old ïabby's intense surprise. Eeading E well, yes, but not from a novel, Físhmg r truly, but not with a rod, The line is idle, the book neglected ; The water-grasses whisper and nod. The sportsman bold and the earnest student Talk softly of -what ? Porhaps the weather ; Perhaps- nö matter ; whatever the subject, It eeitainly bringe them closer together. It causes their words to be softly spoken, With many a lingering pause between, The while the shaclows chase the sunbeams Over the mosses, gray and green. lilu.-lics are needful to its discussion, AihI soit sly glaucea from downcast eyes, In whose blu'e depths are lying hidden Loving gladness and aweet surprise. Trinity Chapel is gay this evening, Bright with beauty, and flowers, and light; A full-dressed Hshenium standing at the chance!, With Nelly beside hun all in white, The ring is on, the vows are spoken, And smiling friends, good fortune wishing, Teil him lus is the fairest prize Ever brought from a morning's fishiug.


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