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Saving Trees From Mice

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We would cali the special attention of' farmers again to the importance of protecting their yoimg trees against the winter ravages of mice. The work required to do this is but trifling, and pays largely. There are nuinerous ways for accomplishing the dosired end, but the most effectual and convement we have ever used is to bank with earth the trunk up a few inches froin the surface of tho ground. 'Á. wagon load of dirt will bwik a large number of trees, and if rieh soil a doublé benefit may be derived by spread ing the same over tho roots of the trees in spring. An exchange strongly urges a plan which we do not think as good as the above, yet we give it sor what it is wortli It says to bandage up the sterns of the old tree withany cotton or woolencloths. or with old niuslin, with old rnuslin, with two or three wrappings, letting tho bandage go into the ground an inch or two, and six or eight inches abovo ground, and tie up. This should cortainly ba renewed every autumn, if necessary, until tho trees are large enough not to be injured. Those who are in earnest tor a remedy will try this and save their trees ; but it will be too much trouble for others to devote a couple of hours to this labor annually, and they will rather run the risk with the mice. Brigham Young says he wouldn't advise any one to inarry over sixteen wives unies of unusually oven disposition.


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