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The Driver's Story

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" Ah, sir, this is going to be a hard winter," said a great burley car driver to us the other evening ; and I saw the other and hardly believe it when ita told" to yo. One of the men that drove on this line nigh three years sent his little gal to ask me to come and see him, and I laid off last evening and went. Now I heard how he was sick with the consumption, but I didn't know how sick he was until I got there. As sure as I live, sir ! there was that fellow who one year ago was as strong and hearty a young man as you ever saw, with his legs no biggerthan ui y wrist - and him a lying on the floor and heavin' and chokin' all tho day and night. He told me he hadn't sent for me until he had to, and on looking around, sir, I saw there wasn't any furniture left ; and. altho' a year ago he had his little room fitted up comfortable like, he had sold even the straw in his tick and was lyin' on the Hoor. ' I wouldn't care to live, Jim,' said he (speakin' very hoarse and troublesome like,) ' but for my poor wife and children ; for, altho' I'm only in their way, I like to see 'em aroand, and I shan't trouble them much longer. And here he looked up at his wife and smiled when she come up an' taking hold of his hand, told him not talk like that, but to pluck up hope for her sake and the Uttle ones. Bye and bye, after lookin' at her and then around the room at the little ones, his lip commenced to tremble and the tears to fill his eyes, in spite of his trying to smile; and, altho' I think I am as hard heartod as any man, I oouldn't stand it and just burst out cryin.' Well, it seems he hadn't had anything to eat that day, so I gave him two dollars (all that I had) and sent for some bread and a bundie of straw, and best of all for him, I got his babies a stick of candy and a whistle, and left 'em alinost happy. My old woruan has been over to-day to take 'em an old bedstead we ain't usin', and I've oollected eight dollars of the drivers, and we're thinkin' of gettin' up a ball, hopin' to make enough to send him to a hospital and give his wife a start. So they are not so bad off now as they might bo. But there's lots just like 'em sir, and there's goin' to be more afore the winter's through. Hold on till I slow up a bit, sir. There ! Good night, sir. And we walked away pondering on the terrible wordsof that kind hearted man : " There's lots just like


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