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An Original Exposition Of The "fall."

An Original Exposition Of The "fall." image
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The speaker was an elderly negro who had been a " hand " on one of the vessels on tho Lower Potomac. He said the Devil first tried to get Adam to eat the apple, " but enny man in all he senses mighter knowed de debil couldn't er done dat ar ; Adain's too smart i'ur Ole Kick when he nuffin but hisself ter tuk care on. But de debil knew, case he was in heben fo' de Lo'd frew him outen dar, - he knew dar was a women to be made, an' so he just hove out do anchor an' waited fur de woman. When Eve cum 'long ho knew he'd got sure ting on dat ar apple ; an' ho hove 'longside whar Rhe's a settin' an' whisper in her ear an' say she's mighty nice gal ; an' she's so tickled wid his ├▒ne speeches dat she jus' say guv her de apple when he ask her don't she want it. De Debil so ploased to see she fooled so easy he like to larf out loud. Women is mighty hard creeturs to do anyting sensible wid, - dey jus' done go contrary ev'ry time dey can, an' when Eve got hei min' made up to eat dat apple, she'd eat it ef de Lo'd hisself teil her let um 'Jone. Soon's she done eat it de Debil say to hisself, ' she made muss dat ar darden Eben' an' she kinder hear what hi tink, an' make up her wicked min' to 'tice Adam to eat toder one. So she cum 'longside one time when she seen him settin' under de tree, an' say, 'Adam, eat dis yer, - he's berry nice.' But Adam say he won't, an' she keep teasin him, an' sayin' how she love him, an' finally he's 'ticed, en' eats dat bad apple, an' den de angel Gabriel fly 'long dar' an druv 'em bof outen de garden, an' say dey bof hav'ter work fur der livin.' But Adam neber pat dat ar apple 'cept Eve done 'tice him ; an' he didn't do it den 'less he love her, an' she such a tongue, like all de women, she make him b'lieye brack is


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