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The Virginius Imbroglio

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A Washington dispatch of the 29th ult., says : The negotiations between the United States and Spain, with regard to questions growing out of the capture oí' the Virgiuius, were brought to a conclusión to-day, Secretary Fish and Adrairal Polo having agreed upon aud signed a protocol, wbioh the latter soonafter telegrapho hi? goverument. It can now be positively stated the terms are substant. ly 's follows : 1. Itnmediate delivory to the United s of the 8hip Virginius and all the sui viving pnssengeT-i and crew. ï. Salute to our liag on the 25th of Decembar uext, unless in the meantime Spain shall satisfy the United States that the American ñ:i was improperly borne cu that vessol, and further that she had no right to thü American fla; or American papen ; in this event the salute is to be spontaneously withdrawn and Spain is to fornially disclaim any iuteationalindignity to the flag in thü a ts oommitted by Spain aguinst tuo Virgin ius. 3. If it shall Lhcn bo shown that the Virginius had no right to car-, y the American fiag and papers the United States will instituís prooeedings igainst the vessel and surviviug p.trties who have violated the iaws of the United States, and Spain guáranteos to instituto proceedings against au y of her auïhorities who may ha ;o violated either law ortreaty stiplations. 4. rue matter of reclamation for damages is rcsorved for future considoration. ftddition to the above it can also be stated positively tl:at withinthe next two daysSeeretery Fish aud the Spanish Minister will determino the post at which the Virginius :uid surviviug passengere and crew shaiL be delivered to the United States. The words, "immediate release " as applicable to tho delivering of th'o Virginiua and the surviving passengors and crew implies, of course, a reasonable time for its execution, as soine days must elapse beforo Havana and Santiago do Cuba can be reached. The agreement is regarded in official quarters as OOTering all the points of our original demanda, though in a modifled form, wiiilu ït is con sidered respeotful and honoraiile to both countries The tixing of the 25th of December as the time of saluting our flag is to allow the necessary oppoitunity to Spain to show that the Virginius improperly oarried the American flag and American papers. - Col. Bristow, of Ky., has been u,pappointed Attorney-üeneral, ek Wilüam promoted to the Chief-Justiceship.


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