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The "reformed" Episcopal Church

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The oonvention oalled by the seceding Episcopal Bishop, Dr. Cummins, was held in New York on the 2nd inst., with a limited attendanoe. The lollowing platform or creed was atiopted tbr the nevv church : Meêolmed, Tbat we whose ñames are appendtd to the oall tor this meeting, as presented by the presiding Bishop, do here and now, in humble relianoe upon Almighty God, organizo ourielves into a church to be knovvn by the style and title of ' The Beformed Episcopal Church," in conformity with the following declaration of principies, and with Right Rev. George David Cummins, D. D., as our presiding Bishop : Oï' PTUNCIPLE8. 1. The Reformed Episcopal Church, holding the t'aith once delivered unto the Saints, declares its belief in the holy scriptures of the old and new testamonts as the word of God and solé rule of faith and practice, in the creed commonly called the " Apostles' Creed," in the divine institution of the sacraments of Barjtisra and the Lord's supper, and in the doctrines of graee substantially as they are set forth in the thirty-nine articles of religión. 2. Tdis cliurch recognizes and adheres to the Episcopate, uot as a divine right but as a very ancient and desirable form of church policy. 3. This church, retaining a clergy which will notbe imperative orreDressiv of tVeedom in prayer, accepts the book o coinruon prayer as it was revised, prepar ed and recommended for use by the Gen eral Couvention of the Protestant Episeo pal Church, A. D. 178Ö, resurving full lib erty to alter, enlarge, abridge and amend the same as rnay seera most conducivo t the edincation of the people, providec that the substance of the faith be kep en tire. 4. This chureh condemns and rejects the following erroneous and strange doctrines as coutrary to God's word : First, that the church of Christ exists only in one order or form of ecclesiastic policy ; second, that Christian ministers are priests in another scuse than that in which all believers are a loyal priesthood ; third, that the Loid's table is an altar on which an oblation of the body and blood of Christ is oiTarod auew to the Father ; fourth, that the preseuce of Christin the Lurd's supper is a preseneo in the elements of bread and wino ; fiftk, that re generation is inseparably conñected with baptism. (Signed) GEO. DAVID CUMMINS, MAESHALL B. 8MIXH, ALBEíiT CEANE, GUSTA VE SABINE, CHARLES D. KELLOGG. The report of the committee vvasadopt ed, after whieh Dr. Cummins made a short addross dwellhig on the history o the prayerbook. The following provisional rules were also adopted : First, ministers of gooc standing in other churches may bo reoeived into this church without letters o: disinissal and without reordination, they sustaining a satisí'actory examination 01: such points hereafter to be determinec upon, and subscribing to the doctrine, discipline and worship of the church. Second, all ordinatious of Bishops and other minister? to be performed by one or more Bishops with the laying on of handa of the Presbytery. Third, oommugelieal Charchas to bo reoeived on presentation of letters of dismissal or other satisfactory evidence. The Ruv. Mr. Cheney, of Chicago was elected Itinerant Bishop.


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