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The Washtenaw County Poor-house

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By requost we oopy the following paragraphs trom the " lleport from the Board of State Comuiissioners lor the General Supervisión of Charitable Institutions for the year 1872," the List report published : " The poor-house in this county is pleasantly situated, abont two and a half miles southeast of the city of Aim Arbor. "It is looated on a farm of 120 acres, whioh is under a fine state of cultivation. A good vegetable garden is tilled in part by the paupers. In the road opposite the house are some very fine sbado trees, adding inuch to the appearance of the preraises. "The principal building is of briok, two stories high, and has a good basemont! The dweiling of the keeper is a frame building attached to the brick one. " A two-story brick building has recently been erected for a county asylum for the insane. On the day of our visit, there were thirty-five orazy persons ia this asylum. They are much better cared for here than in the poor-houses generally, having an attendant to look after theñi! Btill they have no treatmont for the eases that aflliots them ; no light labor suited to their condition, and but verv few of the advantages of a well regulated asylum. Au insane woman with an infant in hor arms, was pointed outto us as the inother of geven children, six of whom oarae to the house with her. An unusual and most excellent feature in thisinstitution is the chapel. The inuiates of the house assemblo in this chapel ui most every Sabbat h day, and there receive religa ious instruction and advice. The Catholjc priest of Ann Arbor has also a place ■anea up m ono oí tne rooius in the iustitution for worship according to the rites oí'his church. ïhere is a school in the institutiou which has been taught by one oí the paupers for niany years. He is now an oíd man, and has been an inmate of' this house for the last twenty years. Last year his hcalth fajled, and he has tü abandon teaching. " This poor-house is in good condition, the rooms genorally beiug large and kept clean. The bedsteads aro of iron, aud the bedding is good. One groat want is some better provisión for bathing purposes ; and better faeilities for classifieation of the inmates might add to the usefulness of the institution, We are informed that ladies from Ann Arbor often visit the poor-house, and take an interest in seeing that it is well condueted."


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