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Palace Cars And Railroad Rights

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The Pullman office iu the Union Pacific Depot, in this city, was closed yesterday, and a notice posted on the door stating that sleepiner-car tickets might be procured at the Union Pacific ticket office. This action was taken in consequence oí' a dispute between Mr. ï. E. Sickies, General Superintendent of the Union Pacific, and Mr. L. M. Bennet, Superintendent of the Pullman Palace Uar Conipany, between thig city and Ogden. The Union Pacific Company contract to haul the Pullman cars, whieh are very heavy (each weigh thirty tons),.and Mr Sickles is advised by the Hon. A. J. Poppleton, tho attorney of the railroad company. that he has the right to insist that every berth in the Pullman car shall be occupied, or at least that the person who parchases that space shall also purchase a Union Pacific ticket to represent it. On any other principie tho road might be required to haul a Pullman car with only one passenger, while it is clear that if compelled to draw even three cars where two would do the business if , prerly filled, an act of injustice has been done. It carne to the knowledge of Mr Sickles that a whole sootion had been sold to an individual at the Pullman office, thus usurping unnecessary spaoe to tlie great detriment of the interests of the railroad oompany. We learn that dra wing rooms wli ;h represent four berths have been sold to a single persou, and on the samo day passengere waited over becauso they could not be acooinmodated. Mr. Sicklea bas informed Mr. Bennett that the Pullman car diagrama mast be exhibited to him, and no car will be drawn &vcv the road unless itis necessary to oarry the passenger. Mr. üennett refusea to exhibit his diagrama, and will assign big passengere hiniself. It now comes to be a question as to whohas the power to control the train. We are mfornied that Iho places will bo assigned by Mr. Sicklea and his subordinates to-day. This course is taken by Mr. Sickles in aocordanoe with the advioe of Mr. Poppleton.


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