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'l'hiri j Vean' Experience oL au Old iVurue. i-m. M'inslow" Sootning Sj-rup is tb prescii])tion of one of the bost Female Phybician; and Nurses in the United States, and has been use tor thirty years with never lailing safety and succes by millions ef mothers and children, from the feebl infant ot' one week old to the adult. It correcta acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the bowel , and gives rest, health and comfort to mother and child. We believe it tu be the Best and Surest Remedv in the World in uil cuses oí UYSENTEKY and DIAKRHCEA IN CHILÜ1ÍKN, whetherit arises from Teething or from any other cause. Full directions for Uhing will accompany each bottle. None Genuine unless t)ie fac-simile of CURTI8 & PERKINS is on the outside wapper, tíold by all Medioine Dealers 1436vl Centaur Liniment. Tliere is 110 pain which the Centaur Liniment will not relieve, no swelling it will not subdue, and no lameness whioh it will not cure. This ia strung language, but it is trae. Where the parts are not gone, its efFects are marvelous. It has produced more cures oí' rheumatism, neuralgia, lock-jaw, palsy, sprains, sweliings, cakedbreasts, sealds, burns, salt-rlieum, ear-ache, &c. upon the human irame, and of strains, spavins, galls, &c, upon animáis in One year than have all other pretended remedies since the world began. Cripplea throw away their crutches, the lame walk, poisonous bites are rendered harmless and the wounded are healed without a scar. It is no humbug. The recipe is published around eacli bottle. It is selling as no article ever before sold, and it sells because it does just what it pretends to do. Those'who now suffer from rheumatism, pain or swelling deserve to suffer if they will not uso Centaur Liniment. More than 1,000 certificates of remarkable cures, including frozen limbs, chronic-rheumatism, gout, running tumors, &c.v have been receivod. We will send a circular coutaining certificates, the recipe, &c, gratis, to any one requesting it. One bottle of the yellow paper Centaur Linimeut is worth one hundred dollars for spavin or sweenied horses and mules, or for screw-worm in sheep. Stock-owners - this liniment is worth your attention. No family sliould be without Centaur Liniment. Price 50 ets., large bottles f 1. J. B Eose & Co., o3 Broadway, New York. Castoeia is more than a substitute for Castor Oil. It is the only safe article in existence which is eertain to assimilate the food, regúlate the bowels, cure wind-colic and produce natural sleep. It contains neither minerals, morphine nor alcohol, and is pleasant to take. Children need not cry and mothers may rest. - 1131m6 ('lii ld ■■■■■ Of ten Look Fule and Siclc From no other cause than haviiis worms in the stomach. BROWN'S VEEMIFUGE COMFITS Will destroy Worms without injury to the child, being perfectly WHITE, and free from all coloring or other injurious ingredienta usually used in worm preparaCURTIS & BROWN, Troprietors, No. 215 Fulton Street, New York. Sold bi Druggists and Chemists, and dealers in Mcdicines al Twenty-Five Cents a Box. 143(iy 1


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