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Caeds. Circulara. _ Bill-Heads. - Letter-Heads. _- Shippmg Tags. - Printed at the Argus office. - In the best style and cheap. - Don't order elsewhere before calling. - Satisfaction guaranteed in every respect. - Make ready for the tax collector. -- A. H. Partridge has removed to Austin, Texas. - The philosopher's stone : Advertise - in the Argus. - The sleighing got seriously " whipped " on Tuesday. - See the adTertisemcnt of Jacob Halier in another column. He has a fine stock of Holiday goods. -The high wind of Wednesday night made sad havoc with chimneys, signs, trees, fences, gates, roofs, etc. -The tax gatherer has liis headquarters at the Store of C. Bliss & Sons, from 9 A. M., to 5 5 p. M., each day. -On Satuday morning last the City Laundry of M. M. Seabolt, in the Fiftli Ward, was consuined by fire. -The Circuit Court adjourned on Tuesday morning. Cause : the death of an nephew of Judge Crane. - The letter of J. M. Wheeler, descriptivo of Holland cities and scenery, - in this Argus, - will be found exceedingly interesting. - If it blowed any " bigger guns n at sea tïuring Weduesday night than at the south end of State Street, we are glad we were on land. -The examinatlon of ex-City Treasurer Webster on the charge of embezzlement - set down for Fndoy inoruing last - was postponed for 30 days. - The Supervisors allowed themselves for 28 days service and the janitorslor 2Ü days. Which memher of the Board " swept and fixed up " the otlier eight days. - The prosecution was conducted by ProsecutiuK Attorney Allen, assisted bv A. J. Sawyei, and the prisoners defended by R. E. Frazer, D. Cramer, and E. D. Kinne. -The trial developed iew tacts not already before our readers, except that Ezra Marsh, by liis owii statement struck the fatal blow, and not Walter Metcalf as testified to by Mr. Cassidy. - A íriend has ïiunished us a very interesting abstract of the remarks of Kev. Dr. Wines, Secretary of the ííational Prison Reform Association, made on Tuesday evening at the Baptist Church. -On Friday atternoon last the horse attached to the delivery sleigh of L. C. Eisdon, took fright, near the northeast corner of the Court House square, upsetting the sleigh and considern'nly injuriug the driver, Wm. Kennedy. - Un Thanksgiving evening the Canadian studeuts in the several departments of the University, gave a supper at Cook's Hotel, to the Facuities and a few invited guests. The usual number of after supper speeolies were made. - Dr. Holland is to lecture at the University 11x11 tiiis evening- in the S. L. A. course. Subject :" The Elementa of Personal Power." Dr. HolJaiid is so well known as lecturer and writer that no words of advice are necessary to the lecture-going public. -Paper costs money, pork and potatoos ditto, and printers must be paid in cash every Saturday night ; and yet the subscribers to the Aeoüs - or a large portion of them - act as though we could furnish them a paper indefinitely without pay. Why is this thus ? - The Camilla Urso concert troupe - vocal and instrumental - appear in the S. L. A, course, at University Hall, next Wednesday eveuing, Dec. lOth. Camilla Urso has a world-wide reputatation as a violinist, and the accompanying artistes are said to be first-class. -In the Circuit Court on Monday last young Warren who shot lus cousin, Hiram Warren, in Salem, in September last, just to scare "him,' having previously plead guilty to a charge of manslaughter in - degree, was sentenced to imprisonment in the Detroit House of Correctiou for one year and six months. - A petition was presented to the Conimon Council on Monday evening, in the interest of a rather troublesome and reckless student (of the law department we believe), demanding the abolition of the pólice forcé. Perhaps non-res:'dents ought to be permitted to take the government of the city iuto their keeping. - Dr. Sager started for the South on Wednesday, in pursuit of health and rest, accompanied ly his wife. Their first stopping place will be Atlanta, Georgia, wliere, we believe, a former partner of Dr. Sager resides. From thsnce they will go to Savannah, and then probably to Florida. We shall hope to welcome the Dr. back next spring greatly improved in condition. -State Street, south of its junction with Xorth University Avenue, is now a legalized race-course from 2 o'clock p. M., to ó p. M., each afternoon (Sunday, perhaps, excepted) ; that is if a city ordiuance can be suspended or amended by motion or resolution. If the City Fathers put themselves in front of the First Ward school house as its three hundred children are dismissed ia the afternoon, they might get an idea that their action was hasty and uuwise. Considerable excitement was created in our city ou Saturday last by the announcement that lia Messrs. Whitaker, of Lima, had failed. I. and Byron C, being carried down by indorsing for their brother, S. D., who has been a large catlle buyer for some years. The Dexter correspondent of the Detroit Tribune noticos the failure in this wise : Stephen D. Whitaker, residing in the townsltip of Lima, near Chelsea, has failed with Habilities amounting to about $30,000, including a mortgage on his farm for about $9,000. Mr. Whitaker is nominally a farmer, but for many years has operated to some extent as a dealer in cattle and a drover, and in this way he lost his raoney. The worst feature of this failure is that t has involved two younger brothers in ruin, Isaac M. Whitaker and Byron C Whitaker, the Offners of one of the rinest farms in Lima, conEauimg 480 acres, and worth, at a very low figure, $60 per acre. These two brothers have teen endorsing Stephen D.'s paper for some time back, and at the time of his failure were on 'm paper to the amount of aTjout $16,000, which added to an equal indebtedness of their own, makes a liability on their part of OTer $32,000. un these facts coming to their knowledge, they looked up their creditors, and, on a showing of 'heir condition, both debtors and creditors thonglxt it best to make an assignment, which is about being accomplished, to Michael J. Noyes, i Chelsea ; Charles S. Oregory, of Dexter ; and - D. Harriman, of Ann Arbor. The total "Mets foot up about $3G,oOO, or ?i,000 more than liabilities. In another column will be found a notice of the annua! meeting of the Washtenaw County Agricultural and Hort cultural Society, to be held at the Court House in this city, on Tuesday, the lGth inst. It is desirable and important that there be a large attendance of the members and & full and frank discussiou of the interests of the Society. For want of harmony among officers, a lack of interest among the members, and a general apathy of the fair-going public, the recent fair of the Society cannot be pronounced a succesa. New hfe and better feeling must be created or it is nearly useless to " go through the motions " ot an anuual fair. The f armes, stockbreedera, and wool-growers of this county - as well as the horse men - should be on hand at the annual meeting.


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