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Hollow Horn

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There is no such disease as " hollow horn," or ' tail ail." All scientilio vete rinary surgeons, in their writings, ignor suoh diseases. The cause of more or les than the ordinary heat in the horn, is th derangnraent of other parts of the sys tem. When a man is siibjeet to cold fee he might as well cali it the " foot ail." - Cold or hot horns are a symptom some times of one disease, sometimes of anoth er. We have seen it in case of impao tion of the manifold or third stomach, in pleuro-pneuinonia, yellows, etc. Eac of these must be treated by itsolf. An ounceof prevention is worth a pound o cure. With proper attention to feedino and care, these diseases will seldom oc cnr. LoDg confinement to dry food i one fruitful cause of disease in cattle When a small quantity of roots is to b had, the chango from grass to hay wil not be so great. When roots cannot b had. then a sniall quantity of oil mea will have a very beneficial effect in keep ing up a proper action of the bowels and thus fed, with good care and prope protection from storms, there will be bu little trouble with " tail ail," or any oth er at


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