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Have confidenoe in yourself. It is the great stepping-stone to success. Don't oast your burdeus on other people's shouldors. They have enough of their own to oarry. Do the hard things yourself, and not cali upon your friends for help. Nevsay " I can't." uuless you are asked to do wrong, and then say, " I won't I" and eay it in a voice of thunder, too, if you like. When anything right and necessary is to be done, tho man who sliirks the responsibility with a weak " I can't." is a coward. No matter though he inay have " marched up to the canon's mouth," and have been the hero of a hunĂ­red battles ! He who does not feel within himself the power to conquer fate, is not a man in the true sense of the word - he is a puny apology for God's noblest work, and his mother would have been better employed in " making shirts for a shilling " than in rearing him. Of course it is a misfortune to him, since he can never be of any benefit to himself or to anybody else. Heaven help the woman who marries him ! Somebody says, " Oh, I don't like these selt-conceited folks !" My friend, selfceit and self-confidence are two qualities as different as light and darkness ; and though the self-conceited may not be the most agreeable of companions, we infinitely prefer him to the creeping, cravenspirited fellow who is never ready for an emergency, and who like Uriah Heep, spends his life in trying to be " 'umble." The man who says " 1 will do it !" who says it from his heart and means it too - who bends his whole energy to the work, almost always accomplishes it ; and then ful," and all that sort of thing, when, in friet, his " luok " has been brought about by his own persevering efforts, and by his conlidence in himself. Fortune, fiekle jade thongh she be, detests laziness and cowardioe ; and the man who sits down with his hands in his pockets, and ' I can't standing out from every angle of his body, will uever share her favors, unless some rich old aunt dies and leaves him a legacy, and in nine cases out of ten the old lady will endow some other nephew who is a true man, Young man, have confidence in yourself, and in the capacities Providence has given you. Don't wait for your father or your Ășnele, to give you a start in the world - start for yourself! Depend on nobody ! The tree which leans against its neighbor oannot withstand the blasts which leave the lono pine on tho bleak hill-top unscathed. Never be discouraged at failures. Stick to your object. If obstacles arise, trample them down, and you will be the stronger for it. Be brave always to do right. Never mind what people say ; and keep peace between yourself and your conscience. - - -.


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