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undoubtedly will receive confirmation, al of which are worthy both appointingan confirining powers, and perfectly consis tent with the character of both. It wa quite in keeping with the habit of th fcienate likewise toconlirm the nominatio of Mr. Alexander E. Shepherd as Gover nor of the District of Colunibia withou comment or question. It was understoo that Mr. Shepherd had violated the law and it was oharged that his administra tion was corrupt ; but he had great re speet for the Senate, and entertains libei ally. Under such circumstances the Seu ate did nothing more than assert itself i disregarding the public and confirmin Mm. It was the Senate that undertook t degrade Charles Sumner and honor S mon Cameron ; that refused to confirin F Eockwood Hoar and finds no objection t George H. Williams ; that let one Pa tter son go out with Credit Mobilier protits i his pocket and a shameful record at h: back, and another Patterson come in wit proofs indisputable thut he bought hl seat ; that let Pomeroy go off af ter an ope attempt at bribery, without so much as f censure ; that never so much as rebuket HarĂ­an for taking a $10,000 bribe from great Corporation; that rarelygives heet enough to evidence against its party t investigate, and never investigates but t whitewash- it was this Senate, under it illustrlous leaders, Conklinpr. Ourpentor Chundler, and Cameron, which yesterdu agreed unanimously upon Matt Carpen ter as its fittest presiding officer. And it is a party of moral ideas tha1 rules it. A party that through all its or gans throughout the country has jeere the nomination of Fernando Wood fo Speaker because he took the back pay. A clean party selecting Matt Carpenter fo the thiid place in the nation ! An hones party protesting that it opposes the Sal ary Grrab and giving the chief defende of the Grab its unanimous support ! Well, as we have said, this Senate i thoroughly consistent. lts acts are pret ty much all in keeping. They know Mr Carpenter - and they know each other They have maintained their dignity anc shown their independence of outside clam or. And perhaps they think they hav redeemed the reputation of " an injurec and gifted public man." It is a very su


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