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The Detroit Free ZYmaddressesitslarge xdy of readers as follows : Enterprising men have followed tho ax ind the hanmier of the pioneer in the ïVest so closely and so rapidly that thero 3 scarcely a village worthy of the name which does not possess its own local paper ; and, as is a proverbial trait of human nature, the great benefits which are jonferred upon a loeality by this al most ndi3pensable attendant, are in a measure .ost sight of, or taken as a matter of ;ourse. And yet when, as inany have lone in the West, a village which has prung up in an incredibly short time is without a paper, no person seeming wiling to make the venture, how quickly iteps are taken by the energetic, enterirising uien of the place to secure the esiablishment of an institution which will shronicle the oceurrences of the neighoorhood and disseminate inforuiation of ralue. Then the necessity of a newspaaer is apparent ; but, we are sorry to say, "n inany cases the publisher is giveii only i half-hearted support to make his venture a success. This is not as it should 3e. People should stand by the local paper- should see that it is given oncourigement - should show an appreciation of its efforts to advance the interests of the section in which it is established, not by word alone, for while this will gladden the heart, it will not feed and clothe or repair the wastes which use occasions. - Let a man, who has in his composition an ounce of public spirit, or even of ainbition, rerlect for one moment of what his Local paper does for him. It gives him news of the goings and comingsin his locality - news which cannot be as fully or is satisfactorily communicated in any other way, for the local sheet has space to devote columns, almost, where a paper it a distanoe an afford only lines. It is the best medium of information on all topics of a local interest - on the financüs af the village, town or county - on proiects of local improvement- in short, in svervthiug which is most intimately related to the iininediate and local welfare of town and county the local paper stands pre-eminent. It is the means of attractLng immigration, of building up a town, of helping to secure manufacturing establishmunts, of fostering a local pride, of making its readers iiiforined on all questions of a local nature ; and it does all of these in addition to its work as a newsgatherer and news-chronicler. Surely, this work demanda come return, and the best - the only - return is to build it {up. - Subscribe for the local paper ; sustain it ; lo not permit it to drag along a feeble exLstence- its manager struggling hard to ibtain a livelihood and having his heart ilmost taken out of his work by the t'ailare of encouragement - but help him and it along ; give them strength to improve nd to labor earnestly. Thus much for the local paper , af ter that it is time for those who are able - and there are few who are not - to take a State paper, whicta. with thg local paper, will make their knowledge of local, State and national affaira complete and satisfactory 't


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