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In devloping " seli-mastery as an element of personal power" Dr.Holland, n his recent lecture in cur city„ieaiarked hat the father given to Hcvwtious pracices had no right to expect, daugbter to grow up virtuous. He might have added : tb at the lover given to a loóse and an impure lift: should not complain if alter the niarriage ceremony he finds that the bride he imagined unsullied had tiaveled the same devious ways ; tht the husband who spends his uights and his substimce in riotous living and in running af ter " strange woman " has no right to COinplam II nis OWI1 uuu IS umueu uy men of like passions ; that the father who tarries long at the wiue and drinks unto drunkenness is not the man to demand of bis sons teoiperance and sobriety ; and that tho brother who would have sisters pure as the snow flake must hiuiself shun the society of the demi monde, nor attack the purity of any other man's sister. These may be eousidored plain words, but no one whose aruior is not punotured will eonsider thein indelioate oruLt'mely. - If Congress cannot do justice to tho great mass of newspaper publishers without providing for tho free transmission of " pub. does." through the mails, we vote against free exchange or free county ciroulation. We cannot purchase even our rights at sueh a price. Not in postage or transportation alone will be the great saving if Congrespmen shall be required to pay postage on all mail matter. It will be in printing bilis, in bilis for printing porfectly valueless documenta never read by the partiesto whom they aresenl and the general reading of which woulc fill insane asylums or grave-yards. No gigging back in that direotion say we. - Oregon concluded to dispense wit' the services of Senator Williams, where upou he was immediately made Attorney General. Chief-Justice Chase dies anc this one-horse western lawyer ani judge this slim apology for an Attorney-Gener al, is nominated to be Chief-Justice. A' of which - if madame rumor is not at fan] - is the work of a woman. What is th secret of this woman 's influence, and i gossip a liar as well as a slanderer in inti mating that there is a right smart chañe for a White-House slander of the first water - say of tbe Jackson-Eaton types ? We pause for a reply. - Methodist ministers have long enjoyed an unenviable notoriety as certifiers to the merits of sewing machines, pills, lotions, and other traps and calamities dealt in by the brethren, but Parson Fulton (Baptist, of Brooklyn, N. Y.) ischampion in that line. Hear him : " I have used your soaps with profit and pleasuro : but best of all, I have held pleasant converse with you concerning him whose blood washes all our sins away." - In complimenting the ex-rebel General Porrest - see correspondence in laat Argus - Gen. Sherman couimitted the impardonable sin : that is if the way Radical journalists go for him is any indication of his deserts. Forrest will have to get elected to Congres and strike hands with the salary-grabbers, which will fit him for the highest posiüons of trust and honor. - Wondell Phillips declares in favor of Grant for a third term, and in the same breath prays " God to forbid that we should ever return to to that delusion - specie payments." And that's.why h would perpetúate the reign of Grant : h knows that 1Ú8 continuanoe as " tho Gov ernment " is a certain obstacle to specie payments. - The BeecherTBowen-TiUon aoan dal will not down, but nauseating dose continually continuo to vex-the public We should think that Plymouth churcl would by-and-by tire of the weekly dose So uiuch effort to cover up nothing ma1 lead a heretofore confiding public to be lieve that there is a cat under the mea tub. - Moses V. Field, the bounty-grabbe who now represents the First Michigan district in Congress wants the arsena grounds and building, at Dearborn cedec 10 the State for an Industrial University Had not tho State better set up an endow a number of aaditional colleges or uni versities 'i - A bilí for a ship canal from Lake Michigan to the Maumea has been introduced into Congress, and Don Henderson is happy : that is if ■ it does not contémplate a rival to hia big ditch. But of what earthly use will a ship canal be on the proposed route five months in the year unless it oan be fllled with hot water. - Judgo Nelson, late Assooiate-Justice of the Suprerae Court of the United States, and one of the ablest of the many able men who hava been members of that court, died at Cooperstown, N. Y.. on Saturday last, of apoplexy, aged 83 years on the 2Oth of November last. - Alexander H. Stephens, of (ieosgia, has made a speech favoriug even higher salaries than those established by the salary-grab bill of last session, which will mako hiin extremely popular with the President and the salary-bagfjers of Congress. - The powers that be at Princeton College, N. J., refused to let Mrs. Scott Siddons read in the college hall, and just because she bas been an actress. The oft repeated cjuestion, What Next? is thus answered. - The sentence of Marshal Bazainehas been commuted, and the Island of St. Marguerite, off Cannep, has been selected as the place of hisconnnement for twenty years. - This is how the wag of the New York Worhl puts it : " The worst blll presented to Congress the present session - ■ for politeness sake) Williams." On Sunday last Bishop Cumiiiins ordained the Rev. Mr. Cheney, of Chicago, ;o be Miusionory Bishop in the " Iieformed Episcopal chureh." - A terribly destructivo storm was exaerienced in England and Scotland on. the lOth inst. - The legal tenders outstanding on Wednesday amounted to $374,577,018. - Gold closed in Wall street on Wedïesduy at 111 7-8. The scientific world has mot an irreparable loss in the death of Prof. Agassiz, which occurred at Cambridge on Sunday evening last, preceded by an illness of but a, few days. Iouis John ÏUDOLPJI Aoassi was bom in the Canon of Fribourg.Swi tzerland, May 28, 1807 and therefore, in his 67th year. He carne o this country in 1846, since which his nography would be a history of the irogress of science and soientific investijatiun.


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