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TERRIBLE SLAUCHTER Of the prices of SOLID SIL VER AND PLATED WARE, GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES AND CHAINS, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, TABLE AND POCKET CUTLERY, &c., &c, AT C. BLISS k SONS, 1. 11 SOUTH MAIN St. For the next SIXTY DAYS we offar our entire stock of the above named goods at prices that will bring them within the reach of all. NO REGARD T0 OLD PRICES ! ATIE ZMIZELA-UsT BTJSIUESS I And are bound to sell thesa goods, and in order to accomplish it we now offer our entire stock at prices so low as to barely cover New York coat. OUR REASONS FOE SO DOING. ABE AS FOLLOWS : lst. The extreme stringency of the money market. 2d. Our desire to refit our store, and make it the finest Jewelry Store iu the interior of Michigan, which of course will cost money. 3d. We wish to close up all our oíd accounts, and open our refitted store with clean books and an entire new stock. And 4th. We want the " wherewith " to meet all these wants. HOUSEKEEPERS now is the time to make your purchases of SPOONS, FOEKS, CASTEES, &c, as you will never have a better opportunity to purchase GOOD GOODS at such extremely low prices. Ladies' and Gold and Silver Watches and Ghains. SOLIO SILVER WARE. - A Ml line of Spoons, Forks, Napkin Rings, Fruit Knives, &c, &c. SILVER, PLATED "WARE.-Of the celebrated EOGEES' MANUFACTUEE, the largest stock in Washtenaw County, embracing everything from a Napkin Eing to a Tea Set. Single, Doublé, Triple, and Quadruple Píate Tea, Table and Dessert Spoons and Forks ; Sugar, Salt, Mustard and Cream Spoons ; Pie, Cake and Orumb Knives, Child's Sets, &c, &c. CUTLERY. Solid Steel Knives- heavily plated; Ivory and Rubber Handle Knives; also a good stock of Knives and Forks, Bread Knives, Butcher Knives, Carvers, Steels, &c, from the cheapest to the best. JEWELRY.-Pias, Finger Eings, Ear Rings, Bracelets, NEcklaces, Studs, Sleeve Buttons, &c, &c, in,,either solid gold or plated, and of the latest and most fashionable designs. CLOCKS. Seth Thomas, American, Terry and French- either thirty hour or eight day - a large assortment. t Eemember this is NO HUMBUG- we mean just what we say. We are bound to sell these goods, and those who come first will have the greatest variety to select from. We do not propose closing out our business, but do propose having the finest Jewelry Store in the interior of Michigan. L3T Eemember this is no " semi-occasional blow " but is " bona fide." Come and take a look at our Stock and. see if we are not tellingf yon the truthAnn Aebob, Dec. 19, 1873.


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