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Yes, I am tirod, dear, I will not try To stem the ebbmg current any more, Xor vex with íruitless playera the iron sky, Nor dew with idle tears the barren shüre. Tlie rippling waves that kisscd my happy hand, The waves with laughing music in tlieir flow, Sadly I wateh them o'er the broadening saud ; But I am very tired -let them go. Too long my chafing pride has stopped to strive To fan the embers into life agaiu ; No faith can keep the flickering name alive, The lingering vigil is but lingering pain. Too late the voico assumes a tender tone ; Too late the lip in loving smiles is drest ; The tide is out ; the last faint spark is gone, And I am very tired- let me rest. Just tired - neither angry nor ashamed : Each wretched mood has fret its feverish hour, Yet the palé but lie withered and unclaimed - Dead, or to gracious sun or pitying shower. Perchance some little life my lingering yet In the crushed stem and withered leaves we see; But what avails repentence or regret ? I am so tired- tirod let it be. I did so much ; I am all worn and cold ; I strive no longer ; let what must be, must ; I could not give your hand the strongth to hold, I could not give your heart tho depth to trust. How you will miss me ! I could weep your want Of the close love that f enced you so ; The cup I filled was neither weak nor scant, But 1 am rery tiied - let me rest. JiitlHjjon


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