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Tribulations Of A Local Editor

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The Danbury News says : Once upon a timo a local editor dreained that he was dead, and in another world. He approached tho gate of a city before him aud knocked íor admittance, but no one answeredhissumnions. The gate remained closed against him. Then he crd aloud tor an entrance, but the only response were scores of heads appenring above the walls on each side of the gate. At sight of him tho owners of the heads set up a dismal howl, and one of theni ried ; " Why didn't you notice the big egg I gave you?" At this horrid and most unexoected interroeation the nnnr local turned in the direction of the voice to learn its owner, when another voice shrieked, " Where's the piece you were going to write about my soda fountain P" and close upon this was the awful demand: " Why did you write a piece about old Peddle's fence, and never say a word about my new gate P" Whatever answer he was going to frame to this appeal was out abruptly off by the astonishing query: " What did you spell my name wrong in the programme for ?" The miserable man turned to flee, when he was rooted to the spot by thia terrible demand : " Why did you put my marriage among the deathsV" He was on the point of saying the foreman did it, when a shrill Toice inadly cried : "What made you put in my runaway and spoil the sale of my horse P" And this was followed by tbe voice of a female hysterically proclaiming, " Thi ia the brute that botched my poetry, and made me ridiculout !" I Wbereupon huiidreds of voices screaiaed : " Where is my article P Give me back my article." Aud in the luidst of the horrid din the poor wretch awüke, perspiring at every pore, and screaiDing tor help. The next day he resigned and we hail to hunt üu another locul editor.


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