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An Entire Seat

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On Tkursday aíteruoon a heavy built woman, attired in a black bouibaziue suit of clothing, her face of the " cast iron," angular type, stepped on board of a train bound west on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railroad at the Uuion Depot in this city. The conductor politely showed her to a seat vith a gentleman, the oar being crowded, and turned to take hia leave. On arriving at the door, however, he was surprised by being tapped gently on the arin, and on turuing round beheld the same lady. ' What do you want r" said the man of the gold band in no very poiite term. " lt you please, sir, that man is trying to occupy my seat and his'n too ; wou't you makt: hiui squeeze along and give me more room 't" The conductor spoke a few words to the man, who " squeezed along," and than, after stopping a few -minutes to converse with auoiher passenger, made another dive tbr the door, when his at tention was again called toward the seat occupied by the identical lady and gentleman, by a loud shrill screaui, appareutly issuiug trom the female's throat. On turning he beheld the woman standing up with oue hand grasping the man's uair as if with the ïntention of pulling the man s hair as 11 witu the mteiitiou of puüiug his criiDiuai bare, while shb was making a vigorous use of the other by beatiug his head with a parasol. At the same tiiue she was shrieking with all the power her by no means weak pair of iungs could aiuster. The man, who was uiceiy dressed aud appeared to be highly respeotable, bore the pain with the heioisiu of a stoic, but his tace was veiy red, and he evideutly wished that his lot had been cast in any other sent in the car than that which lie thori ocuupied. Atter trying by means of moral suasion to canse the woiuan to desist, the conductor endeavored to cotnpel her to stop by the use ot torce, but she stoutly hnld on to the poor mau's hair, and he was finally fain to obtain the assistanoe oí sonie of tlie passengers, who had started up in alarm in tueir seats, to puil the iïantio teníale away. When at length her hold was loosened, lite appeared to have departed trom her beautiful form with the lelaxalion of her claws, and she feil pruuu upon tbe fkorof the car, whereshe otCupied a graceful position lor full five luiuules, the passengers trying to briug her to lito by 11 lotion and the bathing ot her nose with cold water. When she at last came to her senscs and was assisted to her feet, the conductor, who had kept a tight hold of the strange man, whoui the had so feaifully belabored, inquired whether he should cali a policemau and dave him locked up ; was he trying to piek her puekelsi1" ' Oh, no,1' the fair one replied, " he kept crowding up against me, on my half of the seat, and I told the daujrad critter that ïf he didn't move I would chuck it to him, and I did ; lui a Connecticut Yankee, and l'm traveling to Toledo, and you cau't fooi me no how." The conductor permitted his prisoner to retire after tuis speech, while the passengers resumed their seats, and in a short time the train sped on its way. We are credibly informed that the courageous female had a seat to herself during the enlire journey. The Xew York Tribune tells the followlowing good story of Prof. Snt'll, whu has been Professor of Mathematica at Ainherst for many years, and who, before tho war, bad, it is said, only the stuall salary of eight hundred dullars a year. After the war wealth began to roll in upon Amherst College. This man gave firty thousand dollars, that man gave fifty thousand dollars, and so on till the coffers were filled to overflowing. Theu the trustees concluded to raise the salaries of the professors, and from eight hundred dollars they put it up to twentyfive hundred dollars per hundred. Snell was sitting in his study when his wife carne iu to announce the good news. He was pou'ing over a we.l-tlmmbed niathematical treatise. "Ebenez!" said she, " what do you think 'i They've done it !" "Done it't"' said he, "done what? who?" " Why, the trustees I They've raised youi salary to twenty-five hundred dollars a year r"' Snell's face beoame radient. "Thank God, Elmira!" gaid he, "now we can have a codíish."


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