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Never Speak Slightingly Of Women

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Of all the evila prevalent iimong men we know of noua more blightiug in its tuoral effects than to speak sligli-ingly of the virlue of woinen. JSTor is thera anything in which young men are so thoroughty mistaken as in the luw estímate which they form of tho iutogrity of women, not of their owu raothers and sisters, but of others, wbom they forget are somebody's else mothers and sisters. As a rule, no person who descends to this debaRing hnbit is to lio entrusted with any enterprise requiring integrity of character. Plain words shuuld be spoken on this point, for the evil is a general one and deep rooted. If yaung men are sometimes thrown into the society of thoughtless oi1 lowd women, they have no more right to mensure other wotnen by what they sea of these Hian they would of honest and respectable citizens by the developemmits of crime in our pólice cor.rts. Let onr young men remember that the!r chief happiness in life depends upon their utter faith in women. No worldly wisdom, no misanthropic philosophy, no generalization, can cover this fundamental truth. It stands like the record of God himselt - for it is nothing less thaii this - aud should put an everlasting seal upon lips that are ever wont to spcuk slightingly of women.


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