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A Paternal Post Office

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Washington, December 23.- lhe paternal theory of government so long fostertíá by the party of Caristian statesinen and philanthropic monopolists is admittedly bjtaall odds the best theory of government tor the beneflt of the Christian statesinen and the philanthropic nionopolists who stand in the place oí parents to the people. But it is uot so certaiu that the child-like freeduien have proflted a inuch by the ministration of the paternal Howard as the paternal Howard hiinseli has protited by theni ; nor has it yet been learued that the shares of Credit Mobilier stock which "did the inost good" auioug Hit; Ohnstiau statesmeu in Congress ever üid any good at all to their infautile con Btitueuts. Aud it is very oertain, as has boeii repeatedly shown by tho World froui the figures of tbe uinth census, that the waiüs ot our protective system, for whose ostensible benefit the whole íaruiing 111UiBsts of the West and South are ruiuoualy taxod, are worse paid for their labor tLan aro the workers in the unprotected industries who have neituer philanthrop io mouopolists nor the Congressiuen of philauthropic monopolists to protnote their weltaro. by paternal legislation. But notwithstauding tho financial reverses which a paternal tariff and a paternal systtjm of infiated curreucy have so recently brought upon the country, it is now gravely proposed that the Postoffice be trausformed into the most paternal ot tínaucial institutions. The manner iu which this shall be donéis uiinutely set forth iu a bilí " to establish and ínaintain a uational savings depository as a branch of the Post office Department," which the other dy passed to its second reüdiiig ib tho House, was referred to the Committee ou Banking and Curreucy, aud wa ordored to be printed. The prominent features of this preposterous scheuie are brietiy surnmarized as followB : Iu order to furnisti to the children of a paternal g,ovoiumeut increased facilities tur tüe deposit aud withdrawal ot sniall savings a new branoh is to be added to the Pust-ottíce Department, under the tille ot the Pustal iáaviugs Depository ot the Umted Status, and the credit of the Government is to be pledged tor the repayuieut of all suuis deposited thercwitb. A central depository is to be established at. Washington, and the Postmaster-General may designate as sub depositories tnroughout the country such money order post-oflices as to hun niay seem desiraliie. The postinasters at the desig nated mouey-order offices are to be thf receiving and payiug tellers in these novel saving institutions, receiviug de posits in current funds and payiug theu out agaiu ou demaud with interest at the rato of 4 per cent, a yuar. Depositor books aro to be furnished by the Post otfico Dtjpartment, in which shall be re corded tho name, age, and occupation o eveiy deposiior. Deposits of suuis les thau $1 or of sums uot militóles of $ are prohibited, and each depositor is al lowed to deposit during the fiscal year a suin total not exceediug $300, providec that in no event shall the amouut o: principal and interest to the ciedit of any depo.-itor exceed l,500. The mouey so deposited is not to be liable to seizure o withdrawal by reason of any debt due tïoui or legal process agaiust the deposi tor. This is the premium which a pater nal goverument would offor for dishon esty on the part ot its wards. Marriei wouien inay deposit as feiume, soles, an( minors may deposit as adults, regardles ot tüe wishes ot husband or paivnts, an( a paternal government guaran tees the in violabiüty of the deposit. But if a mar nu a woman deposita money which be lougs to her husliaud, he niay recover. Th questiou here ariees how a paternal gov ei uuiuiit is to decide such delicate quts tious of owuership. Tne minor may de posit the pareutal dollars, aud these dol iars wiil, tor auy provisión of this section to the couuar.. , bo ts utterly beyoud the reach ot the parent as if they were at the bottom ot the sea. The General shall furnish upou deuiand to depositors withdrawa cutcks for the whole amout of the de posit, with accrued interest, or for an; pji tion tuereof, and these checks must be huuored by auy postmaster on whom thuy are drawn ; but the checks are no trausrerable and the depositor mus provo identity before ne is entitled to re oeive payment. This seems to be intend ed as a cluinsy suostitute for the presea money order sj stem. The postinaster o any sub-depository may be authorized by the Postmaster-General to deposit fund in nis possession with any assistaut treas urer or designated depository of the Gov eminent, or with auy uational bank which is a deaignated depository ; anc the Postmaster-Geueral may at his pleas ure cause the ïininediate withdrawal u: suuh funds or auy portion of them. I disputes arise between claimants fo mouey ou deposit or between any such cliiiuiant and any postmaster the question is to ue decided not by the courts but by the Postmaster-General. The further one reads into this dreary nonsense the more dreary and the more absurd does i beooine. But it is the paternal theory carried out ' thorough." Of course there is auiple provisión made in the bill foi additious to the army ot 3t),000 defaulters and uicompeteut8 who now fail to do the work they are paid by the government to do, or wüo do it badly. And while we have gone f ar enough to show that this bul is the most absurd nonsonse that a GougreSsiuual coininillee ever periuitted to be printed aud circulated, cousidera tion for the pationce of uur readers has resfrained usfroui going into the full details of its folly. The question not answered in the bil is, how the Goveiumeiit is to be remuneiated tor the expense of the costly ma chiuery which would be required tor cai ving out the ystein, for the interes' paid on deposits, and for losses by defalcations of posimasters. It would be wel! enough for a paterual government to furnish " inureased facilities tor the deposit and withdrawal of small Bavings,' if any greater fac.lities were needed thau those now furnished by private saving banks, or if it could be done without bnnging the paternal government inte bankruptcy. But the facilities furnshed by private bauks are amply suíficient lo accommodate all who wish to beoome deposiiors, aud the people's money is quite as safe in the hands of private bankers as it would be in the hands of Government postmastors. Aud if thp Government uuder takesthe expensenotonly of hoardingsaviugs but also of paying interest ou savings which it does not use the Government would very ?oon becotne the most hopeIhss bankrupt in the country. Porhaps, ho wever, the vaults of a paternal government's paper treasury are av inexhauslible as the paternal pocket is generally considi-red to be by his very youthful children.


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