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What Congress Should Do

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Tue national fínances are in a coudition requiring speedy and careful attention ; the ousiness interesls, recovering slowly f rom the strain of a great criniB, ai e so bituated as to domand, above everything else, certainty and assurance ; aud yet Coiigress adjourned, after three W3eks' gession for the long hohduy recess, without legislation otany sort which touuhes these important rnatters, The time whiuh should have been devoted to these concerns hus frittered away in personal disputes or partisan hamngues. The people mi: mxious to know whether or not tho currency is to be inflated, whethpr or not there is to be auy change in taxation, and wheter thfi bankrupt law id to be arnended or repealed. and the sooner they are fully assrred on these points the soonor will trade aud industry revive. It Í8 to be hoped that aíter the holiday recees, Congress will turn over a new leaf and enter upon its duties with a deterniination to work early and late for the interesta of the people ; to devise whateverexpedients may be íeasible and possible for relief from impending oomplications, and to oppose such an unyielding resistance to extravagant eípeuditures ai pnay re ult in giring u gratr aonomr in all ispartmtntf of gorenimeat.


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