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Illegal Oils

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The Kient examination of illuminating oils by Dr. E C. Kedzie of the Agricultura! College, and the statement uiade by him of results arrived at, and published in the Republiaxn ot' Nov. 2S, have been the means of bringing forward proof of the correctness ot his assertions, and also that but a smal! portion of all the oils sold by retail dealera in the State comea within the nieaning of the law of 1873. Last Friday ïuorning, E. Fowler, the Inspector of Oils at Cleveland, Ohio, and whose stauip as an Inspector is upou the caska contaiuing the oils whioh were tested by Dr. Kedzie, arrived in this city to vindícale his reputation usan Inspector, and to prove that the Doctor h d not ap plied nis tests in the proper inanner. In conversing with Mr. Fowler, it wus evident that the different results arrived at oy turn and Dr. Kedzie aróse f rom the iiianner ot tesiug, - Mr Fowler applying what is called the commercial tent, practiced among oil retinéis and exportern, while Dr. Kedzie used the plunge test, as reqiured by the Michigan law. Several tests were made by Mr. Fowler at the store ot E. B. Mülar & Co., which showed that oil wüich would bear a test of lóü, by what is called the commercial test, would bear a plunge test of but 115, aithough in instance the burning taper was extinguished when the oil was lieated to llüv. In the afternoon tests were made at the office of Dr. Bartholouiew wub uot quite so favorable results. A specimen ot Headlight oil, trom the store of Frank Wells, uuanutactiired by the Standard Oil Couipany of Cleveland. Ohio, aud inspected oy Mr. Fowler at 175", stood a pluuge test ot Ió2 before Üasluug, and look hre at Iö9. This was the ouly i-ainpie wincli wouidcoiue withïn the requueuieuts of the Michigan law. The oouiuiercial test, ued üy Mr. Fowler as an inspector, is to heat the oil in au open vessel to the teuiperaiure required, and then to pass a Ughted splinter aüout halt an incu aoove thu surface of the oil. lt the oil does not iguite it stands the test. The piuuge test, as required üy the Michigan law, is to beat tue oli auü to appiy a wti.l-hghted maten to the surface ol ihe uu or to pumge it uilo the oli. lt the oü stand tue test .here is no ilaahing ot g is, aud when the match is pluugeü oeueath the suriacc the Ughl is oxtiuguished. A copy oí tue Michigan law wasshown Mr. Fuwiui, aud üe .it once aokuowiedgeil tnat his uiauuer of testiug vvouid not come within lis rsquireuients. L. B btrong, tlie geutiem.uily agent ot the Standard Oil Cuuipany, present while these tents we e ociug made, and he sated that ir the Miciiija luw aquiied a plunge íest oí löu Fahieuheit, lus compauy would maiiuiacluie oil acooidmgly. Duriug tüe past y ear a grei t cüange has taken place in the sentiment of tile peopie ot Michigan, brought aúout by the uiany teriioie accident which have resultad trom tüe usk ot daugeious oil ; and we believo a ïnn joritj ot the peupie would Uke to see the iaw tuhy oueyed. The meiubers of the State Board ot Health' are earnest in their eiideavois to bring into general use a quaiiiy ol oil which will ïnsure the public in tuture agaiustthe frightful accidente of the past. While soine inay think tüe rt quirements ot the Michigan law are too tU ingent, the peopie ol Oyno are without any sateguaid so ar as tlie Work oí an llispectoi iscouceined. The Oüio law of lbü7 held Iugpectors liatile tor the dishouest pertonuauce ot duty, but the law oí 1672 removed all saieguards. The Inspectoría hired by the compauy aud receives tuch fee as lt inay deein fit to give hun. The uiauntacLurers oniy ate liable to a tii.e of not to exceed $1,000 tor vtolutiugthe law, aud there is uut iittle hope oí suceessíul litigatiou agaiust cump;ii,ies which ïepresent a capital of luii'ious ut dollars. One ol the " pioueers ' ot this "oil uioveuiunt" in uur owu State is Dr. Ira H. Bartholom'iw ot this city ; tfcd probably no inau has done more thau h"e, both through the piss aud Uy actiial experiment, to show the dangers to which human hfe is exposed uythe usc ot tin se in ferior quahtles ot oil. Let the goud worli go on until the newspapers no U)iiger teem with articles reouuutiug terrible ac cideuts ironi the use of kerosene oil. -


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