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Asn AKBon.TnuiibDAY, Jun. 1, IS74. Apples- Green, 4O(g)60e. BüTTEn- 20(í25c. Beef- Krom wagon, iö.Oüffifl.OO. ConN - 'ld 55- New 3Oc. per bu. Chickenb - Dressed" 6(aj7c Dkessed Hogh. - 4.50(ïL5.50 E0G8- Commund -Ofiï23c. Hat - $l5rai20 per ton, aooording to qiiiility. Honkï- In cap, 22(8250. Labd - The market stands at öei-Pc. Onioss- $1.00. Oats- 35(q)37c. Potatoep- New 80f$90c. Tubhips- 30@40c. Wheat- White $1.40(1.45; Aml)eril.30?1.3ó TüHKEÏS - 10@12C. Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free Press. Michigan Central Cattle Yakds ) Mouday, Dee. 29. S' Eeceipts were very light this week. and beíir a strango similarity to the same week last year, when viewed aa a closmg week of tho year. In fact, we cannot see as the panie has affeoted the pricea of market stock, and coinparing tlie closing aeasüii with that of last yoar, ït is said that they were more firrnly sustained with a healthy advance in somo departments. Hogs brought a better price, and cattle improved in both price and qualty over the same period. It is thought that in view of the supposed deficiency of provender and grains in the West and North-wost, that stock has been prepared for market earlier in the jeoson, and that most of it bas been marketed, and that prices must have an upward tendenoy during the opening of tho coming Beason of 1874. Tho rigors of the winter'a season oí 1872 made it very difficult to grovr a fine class of stock, and the very favorable weather of this season has been of great service to foeders and growers. This has been made manifest all along in the offerings comiug in from this and other States. Beceipts for the week and corresponding week last year were as follows : Cattle. Hor. Sheep. Week ending December 30, 148 1,482 2,002 Week ending Dec. 29, 1873, 194 305 2,933 From Chicago 529 head of cattle and 1,113 head of hogs against 1,160 the previous week. CATTLE. Transactions were mostly confined to a class suitable for shipment East. Of this quahty the market was liberally supplied and all offerings quickly taken. The home demand for a choice article was fully supphed by tho previous market, and consequently butchers wero not in quest ot stock, and a shipping quality fouud better prices. To the credit of the State be it said that offerings of this class were very choice, the lightest being nicely formed, well-fattened and brought a price more remunerative to the seller. Of an extra class one of our city butchers had the monopoly, consisting of a lot of some ten head, averaging 1,500 lbs, and for which ho paul five cents and upward per pound. Shipping ' tle, averaging from 1,000 to 1,200 lbs, brought from f4 50 to ï5 per cwt, being, howevèr, of the best quality. But few of an inferior quality were to be seen, and sold by the head at $3 50: The same qualities last year at this market brought 14, 3 50 and f2 50. , HOOS. This department has also entirely subsided, but few State loto bemg torwardcd during the week, au almost positive proof of the exhaustiou of the hog erop. Packers are atill looking up lot, some having been sent to flrms here from Chicago. Light weights are bought up at $4 50 and heavy at $4 75 aui $■'. The absence of offenngs has driveu away extensive operators aud the lots secured were by home buyers. The olosing season haa been more favorable to the trade than laat year, prices ranging tho same week at $3 60 to 13 80 per hundrod lbs. SHEEP. Continue active aud m a plentitude for the de. mand. Buyers were plenty eecuring uil tlie choice lots offered. The cliffioulties which beset the drover in forwarding lots last year, by the scantity of transportations, are not met with this year, and lots come in iirst-class order, enhancing sales thereby. Prices compare favorably with tlie same week last year, smooth lots aellin? at Ï4 76 to 4 90, averaeius niuetv and ninety-five pounds. The firmness of the marke gires miich aatisfaction to operators shipping Eaat, quite a number oí' car loada having beeii shipped thia moniing. Kino's Cattle Tabds, ) Detroit, Mouday evening, Dec. 29. CATTLE. There were very few good cattle in this morning, but the best offered sold at full last week's pricoB, and a few choice that were held over sold well. Common ond thin cattle dragged and some closed out small Iota at reduced pricea. The followmg quotationa will cover to-day's aalea ; Choioe beevea, young, large, well fattened, weighiug from 1,200 to 1,400 lbs. $1 26 a 5 50 Good beevea, well fattened, steera and hoifera, averaging 1,050 to 1,100 lbs, 3 00 o 3 75 Medium grades, fair ateers, averagiiig 950 to 1,050 lbe., 2 50 a 2 75 Working cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 11., 3 25 a 3 "5 Cowa, common to choice, 3 00 a 4 00 Oommon itock, medium steers, and tair to extra cowí, in dcnt fih, 800 to 1,000 lbi., 2 25 a 2 75 The center portion of a building at the I State Pnson feil in about 4:30 on ' nesday The building was three stories, and had been used formerly as a tannery, but was occupied at present by a cieár contractor, Hollingsworth. Only three men wer in the building at the time of the accident. One hundred and flfty men had just left the building. The lower story had buen used as a dinine room until Monday. The building was badly built, had no solid support, and was condeinned four months ago. Mr. Hollingswoith loses half a million cigars and a very lttrge quantity ot' tobáceo.


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