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Cabds. - Circulara. _ Bill-Heads. _- Letter-Heads. - Shippuig Tags. _- Printed at the Arqtjs office. _ In the best style and cheap. _ Don't order elsewhere before calling. - Satisfaction guaranteed in every respect. _- Weathor mild and roads good. - The public schools will open on Monday next The tax-gatherer has raked in the money lively íor a few days. _- Exercises at the several departments of the (.ïniversity wiil be resumed next Monday. _Dave Henning found Chicago too slow and came to Ann Arbor to make Jíew Years' calis, _ E. C. Seaman, assignee of Miller & Webeter, gives uotice of an auction sale in another column. - Dr. C. A. Leiter, of the UrogDry corner drug store, has put out his ahingle as a practic11? physician. -New Years' callera were out in f orce yesterday; and enjoyed themsolves to their fül, or our informant is mistaken. - Mrs. Lewitt has returned f rom California, and Dr. Lewitt has gone to Texas (with T. F. . Leonard), or so report says. _ The Sheriff reports that he commenced the vear with half-a-dozen boarders. He entered on duty one year ago with an empty house. The commuuication of " Citizen " in another column was written for last week's Akous but came to hand af ter our paper was out. - At the late meeting of the Regenta ot the University, the degree of Master of Arts was voted to Alfred Hennequin, Instructor in french. - Mrs. Gov. Felch and daughter- Mrs. JCnight - left lor the South on Wednesday of last week, expecting to join Dr. Sager and wife at Atlanta. - Bev. G. D. Gillespie, of St. Andrew's Churcli, has been invited to assume the charge of Trinity Church, Bay City. His parish canuot afïord to let hini go. - Lota, youngest daughter of President Winchell, of Syracuse, (N. Y.) Umversity, died at Berlín, Uemiauy, a few days ago. She was a beautiful and lovely child. - "Now is the winter of our disconteut : ' and jast because the Abqus subsenbers and advertisers are forgettiug (or neglecting) to PAT CP. This meaus YOU ïf you are in arrears. - Cal Wagner'8 Minstrels- and what concert goers don't know all about Cal Wagner and his troUpe ?- are posted for the Opera House on Thursday evemng next, Jamiary 8. They will draw. - A very little snow feil on Wedneaday eveninglast: justenough to dull the edge of the proverb, " A green makes a fat graveyard," and relieved the miuds of the superstitious. - County Treasurer Fairchild, is going South for the benefit of his health, and will bé absent some months. Geo. W. Moore, of this city, sits at the table of the money-changer during the Treasurer's absence. - A " pólice oflice," about 4x6, has been erected on State street (on the Mundy lot). We heard aome " iittle kacks " discussing it yesterday, and one of them thought that the policeman would have to stand up to sleep. - Eev. Chas. W. Wendt, of Chicago, preached in the Unitanan church last Sunday mornmg and evening. Hia eveniug discourse ; " A pleafor Common Houesty," - not the houesty that is common, - was excellent and timely. - A delegation came out from the Detroit Homeopathie College last Friday evening, with a memorial prayiug the Begents to take that institution under their wings. We guess at the contents, for the reason that the Board repairing to consider it in secret session it was withdrawn without being read. But a resolution offered by Regent Estabrook adopting the child appropriiting $1,600 toward its support sustain "our guess." The subject was tabled. The session of the State Teachers' Association held in this city on Tuesday and Wednesday was largely attended, and we hear old teachers pronounce it the most successf ui session ever held. The exercises were conducted in accordince with the very full programme published by ub last week (with slight variations), and the addresses, papers and discus8ions were spirited and practical. Official engagement, occupying full time and strength prohibited us from attending and has also prevented the preparation of au abstract of the proceedings. Another week we will endeavor to draw upon the dailies for the best points. Officera ior the ensuing year were elected as foilowa : President- Prof. D. Putnam, Ypsilanti Vice Presidents- Prof. Wellington, Detroit; U. H Fayne, Adrián ; S. Montgomery, Battle Creek ; O. B. Curtís, Muskegon ; C. B. Thomas, Niles; J. Jones, Pontiac; O. D. Thompson, East tynuaw ; Piof. Olcott, Marquette ; L. C. Miller, Lapeer. Stcretary- N:ss A. M. Cutcheon, Ypsilanti. Treasurer.- E. V W. Brokaw, Lansing. Executive Committee-Proi. Olney, of Ann Aibur, aud Prof. Tarbell, of East Saginaw. A resolution was adopted agreeing to go to Put-in Bay to join with the Ohio teachers in their meeting to commence there on July 1, 1874. Proís. Putnam nnd Sill were appointed a committee to make arrangements for going down and meeting with the Ohio teachers. A correspondent writes us from Dundee, aud 8uggests that we " blow our hom for a narrow gauge road until we get it," and expresses a belief that nine out of ten wül be in iavor of it. What say others interested? Our columns are opeu to a discussion of the subject. Moanwhile we hope that the directora will take the subject into consideración and inaugúrate some method by which the views of the stockholdera niay be obtuiued. If meaus can be obtained to build a narrow gauge road we say let a narrow gauge road be boilt, and that immediately. Will not the directora sound the advance as soon as the holidays are over 'i Prof. McKnight is to bnng out the Opera, " The Flower Queeu," for which he has had a large number of children in gratuitous training tor some three months, at the Opera House, coramenciug on Tuesday eveuing, January 13th, and continuing four evenings. Wherever Mr. McKnight has given his course of vocal lessons and haa brought out this Fairy Opera, both he and it have been commended in the warmest language, which leads us to predict that a rare treat is in store for our people. Mr. McKnight certaiuly ueaerves a liberal patronage. We gave the Argus to our readera last week in advance of Christmas, but thinking it unseem'y to play the same triok again, we take a back seat thia week, giving precedencu to the New Year. And instead therefore, of wishing our readers the usual Happy New Year, we may express a wish that a year already happily commenced may be so contiuued until the end. The annual statistics of the City of Milwaukee show a considerable incréase in population, which is estimated at 104,000. The im provements in the way of building foot up $3,600.000 ; articles of manufacture, $27,000,000; loases by fire, T300.0O0; deaths, 2,000 ; arresta, 18,000.