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Here is what the Hartford Courant, General Hawley's paper, thinks of the nomination of Attoruey-General Williams to be Chief Justice : The real and deep objection to Mr. Williams has nothing whatever to do with his moral character, or his actions as a politician. It goes straight to the man's mental unfitness for the place. Ho has neither the culture nor the learning - nor a tenth part of either - fit for the plaoe ; and he has not the intellectual grasp, or clearness, or power that give hope that he might become fit for the position. All this, we repeat, waR porfectly evident to to those who heard him here in the Credit Mobilier suit. He not only did not make a fair argument, but he seemed entirely incapable of grasping the points that were made by the opposing lawyers. His appearance here in court was a humiliation to every friend of the government. We have never talked with a member of the bar hero who does not consider the proposai to make him Chief Justice an " outrage." In stating this we do not give an opiniĆ³n ; we report facts. It is now stated authoritatively that the transfer by the Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Company to the Western Union was completed on the 25th of December, with ita five thousand miles of line and ten thousand miles of wire. By the terms of this lease the Western Union, which already owns three-fourths of the stock," is to pay four per cent. per annum on the whole capital of $2,000,000.


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