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U k Silimi Offer at priees to correspond with the late New York Ratos. New and Fashionable Dreas Goods. New Blaritz and Drab De Etes. . New Silks and Alpacas. New Black Dress Goods. New Shawls and Cloakings. New Fringes and Guipure Laces. New Ribbons and Embroideries. }iew Goods for Men's wear. New Flannels and Blankets. New Bleaih and Brown Cottons. IJ-ÜT Those wanting to bnv Dry Goods clieap sbould nol fail to give ii8 a cal!. MACK & SCHMI1). WAGNËR The One-Priced Clothier ! Has reeen tly enlarged his store and has juut reneived and offers to the public the larest stock oi MENS', YOUTHS', AND BOYS' Iieady-Made Fali and Winter CLOTHING! Ever brought within the County of Washtenaw.- These g-oods were bought for oash, and will be aold ut the loweet possiblecash price. AT WAONKR'Ö. Also constnntly on hand a flne line of Foreign and D. mest ie Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings All in erreat variety, which will be made up to order and warranted to tít. AT WAGNEIï'S. A complete and large stock of Gents' Furnishing Goods üf eTery description, lower than ever. AT WAGNER'S. TEUNK8 AND VALISES of v.rlous styles md makes. AT WA0NEE'8. GOOD PAPER COLLARS only 8 ets. per box. WM. WAGNEB. 21 South Main St., Ann Arl or Dr. Crook's Wine of Tar BB Con tai nu Fe g rtable IngrnUrulif f Vu 'oubted BB Tonic villuo 'iiiiiniiifd witli therii hnieuicinal qunhtii-soi'Tur, wliicli 'ÏW&V canse it to builil u &&& bSI5&X. tlle x"'nU "' :l-lii.KwkSmStni"19 Hlomacli, uluxes jm?sS8 ilBiwBSI the Liver md ransi-s FpHsSsÈSpïi jg the Itro, t, Kltl or KfüB'Hm Back. Gravel or Ktt. EHBlilllamH MBsRHB n-ey il!'M dlseuses gjLjjgfBlJjtjiaBBHHi of til I rinnry OrW3 Sj gn-,Jnuiilicoru:iv ; jTSB-lifflH! WM'fr Onipiaiii t lt MirtiiiF'-'7riFiilmFrl has "" f'""!l lt cirpcRUCTTgfl PJBSiHi tuallyciii-csalU'oiiKiiM Fr3sSli!wiSRli "' " disensea forAsthSdBuci'iYl01110 oold by W. A. LOVEJOY, TOBACCONIST ! Deals in both FIXE CUT AN1) SMOKING TOBACCO, Snuff, JPipes, &c, AT 50. 7 EAST HUR0' STREET, NText to the Express Office, A. ardor, men. ïyESIRABLE REAL ESTÁTE ÏOB SALE! The sufcecriber, on aooount of iü hertlth. offers hi 33 ACH ti In the oorporntion for sale. This ground adjuias the Uorvereitj Obaervatory on the eaat, oppusit side of the street. It hus a most excellent SPRINQ ! On the northeast corner- formerly supplicd the Rail road tanks with water. ÏTS ADVANTAGES Are lis follo-K-s: Fornity purposes the Hu ron Hivr mciuders the saiae gome 30 lo 40 roils, aud is part of the best Water Power On the River in thia vioinity, and the elevntton on the nort.heusi corner is sulficiently hiffb and ampie to sup ply thu city nccewitiea for water und fire puiposea THE WESTERN PORTION On the road is very appropriate and suitable for a Public Cüy Ct'inetory. The city has no auch grouudt dow but must have soon, and whatever prronndö the city does not caie to uae, can be eold at an advantage so much so,that the cost of the Water U'oarka prounds and emetery, wou ld be merely nominal. Tf the city does not want the same, ihe grouncU would be invalaablê for FRU1TS, LARGE&SMALL, There beinjjsome loo trees now in bearing Veget.ablcs and Pasturage, And also for MILKsupply.BLOODED STOCK, Horsrs, Mit'ep, And other nnimiils nlways in trreat want by mnny íd the city and lts vicinity. As city Iota adioiningt he nortlnvesr [oincr of tlns land nre now selling froro threehnndied to three hundred and Hfty dollars. these lands would or could be sold in a short time to good advmitage and to-much proÜtto the purchasers LIB tEAL TIME Wjll be given or the name will be exchanged Tor IVIer chuntabie goods or Drug; and -VieciicinoK, at caeb prices. TRA.OY W. ROOT Ann rhnr. Tan 31 1ST3. 14U L. C. RISDON SELLS fi; . PERBY & CO.'S No. 9 New American BOPPER LI SED IRON-CLAD RESERVOIR, FUL, TllíMM'W, FOtt $6O I O.ther Stoves in proportion 31 SOUTH MAIN ST., ANN AEBOR. QHAMBERS' ENCYCL0PJ3DIA. A DICTIONAltY OF Universal Knowledge for the People, REV1SKD KDITION. WITH Maps, Platee, and Eugravings. Complete in 10 Vols. of 832 paje each. Illustraled uníh abnut Four Thousand Engravings and Forty Mapt, iogriher vrith a Series qf rom Eighty lo One llnwlred Elegantly Enyrave.d Pintes - üluslrative of tlu Subjects of Natural HUtoiy - hou' for the. FIR8T time appearing in tlf' work. PRICE PER VOLUME. Extra Clot n. beveled boards, - - 5 50 Lltuftry Sheep murbled cdes, . . 6 00 Uitlf Tuikcy Horocco, ■ - - y q TlIIS EüITION IS SOLD ONLY BY AGENTS. 1 ublisherl by J. B. LIPPIXCOTT & CO., l'hiladelphia, Pa. ' 8YLYANUS WAKREN, 189 Woodward Avenue Detroit, General Aeul lor the Stat of Michigan. Byoompiring ' 'h imbei-s' Rucyclopaüli.-i with the 1 New Ainericim Cyolopasli.- the work with which it t is most fnqnenrly lr. ulit into romtniríson, ir. will befound while the ten volumes of Chambers' ooutani8;i OiK.gis. the original riten volumes of ttw New Araencun contara leu ihan 12.000 p:iKe6 It will til be found thnt a pat of Chambers' eontain rull nnr-fifth inore miilt.r oliiin a pase of the New " Aiñerican, njiiking the ten volumes of the tormer fc eqniviileiit m amounl of prlnted mutter tn at least " tlurteen volumf-s ol t-he lattei, not to mention the numenius Pl.iteB Inbout 80), Woodcms (some 4 000) ;mil Mapa ' Ii.mi1 40i. tliMt are included in ibis edition nt ' Chiimii.-r.-1'.iiHil to whicli t.lie New American po s'siK. mirespondin (enturen. H ís eonHrlently believed tna ae nopidur " DioTinxAUY of Unlve - sai. Knowi.kit:f.." tlie woik is without au equ-ilin tn Knghsh [angunee. i4-ifyi ■SSE-N A LECTUEE TO 3KT -roxTisro hveeist. Just published, in ;i Sealed Envelop?. Trice 6 cty. A i citiitc ii tle Nature, Trc;itment mul Madical cure uf Spermatorrhcfm or femii hI VVeakaess, Iavoluntjiry i'.miwsious, oexual Debility, aud Xmpttdiments to Mamare generitlly ; Nervousuess. Cónsutftption, Hpilt-p.iy und Iite; Mental and l'lnsiciü Fnoiiñacity resultiug fi om Abuse, etc -liy KOBEHi J. OULVEEWJELL, .M. D., Author oi'lhe " (ireen I ïoo k , " &c. Tlie world-rcnuwn autlior, in this admirable Leo ture, cleaily provee iiom nis own experience tlint the awail CMiiïequences of Self-Abuse may be effectually removed without medecine, a'..d without dan(fer0121 aurjiiciil operationa, bougies, inscruments, ring or cordialti, pointing out a mode of cure at once certnin and efieetaal by uhicli every sutferer, no matter what liis condition may be, mny cure himselí' ohnnply. privntely and radically. THIS l.EOTtj'HR VVÍLL FHUVE A BOON ÏO THOUSANDS AND Sent under Beal, to nny udilress. in a plain sealwl envelope, on the receipt üf si x cents, or two postnije stump. " Also Dr. Culvfrwf.ll'8 "llamage Guide " Drice 50 cents. r ' Addrese the Publirthf r, CHAS. J C. KLINE & C0., 127 Bowery, iNcw York, Pustoíñee Box, 4 58B. 143tyl K HURRY UP ! pAKTIES wishlng W] paper, Cloth ■ uud Puper hades. Huilanca, Wlndow PIxture8, Coids: Tassels. te, al] New Stylea, at Sflt)sfactor Prices by Jf 1 ebnterACo.,B)ok;tor, nearthé Expres Office. X x "O ALL BULLETIN ! 1 J. JOHNSON, HATTBR! Tas mraed hiabaok apoQ 'Vlntr aart openen] hú WINTER GOUDS! Including uil the latost ttylea of Hats and Capsl G JL N T H ' FURMSHING GOODS, &c, Which must be so!d. GOOD GOODS AND LOW PRICES Ib the word to pass along the line. 7 Stmth viain st.. Ann Arbor 1424 T3UT YOUE MONEY Wil E RE IT WILL DO THE MOST GOODA. A. TERHY HAS A FULL STOCK OF HATS AND CAPS IN THE LATESTSTYLES. QUALITY AND PRICES TO D E F Y CO M l E 'V IT1O -r _ . AI.SO, A FL'LL LIME OF GENTS' FÜRNISHINQ GOODS trif Cali befare purchamig. 15 South Main Street. ,gj W' SkFr ÊÊl CARBOLIC DI8INFECTINQ SOAPS. For waahlng Horaes, Cattle, Plgs, Dog! Kllls Fleas on Doe. Destroys Llce on Cattiö and nui0u( T1CKS un snnap. Death to Bed Bugs and Roaohes; Cheaper and betterthan all Powders. CARBOLIC TOILET SOAPS Whiten, Beautlfy and Claanse the skht from all Impurltles. CARBOLIC MEDICINAL SOAP CURES M OTHER Sait-Rheum H ■ Cutanaout And all V V DISEASES. CARBOLIC PLANT PROTECTOR. Affords complete protectlon te p'ints, Vlnes, Trees, 4c, from all Bugs, rleas, Plant Llce and Parasite. Without InJury to Vegetable Life. Never falls. CARBOLIC SHEEP DIP The most effeotlve oure and preventiva oí Soab-lt kllls all Lloe-Cads-Tloks' eta The Inoreased growth and welght e fleeoe encouraged bv lts use more tha equals the cost of the dip. BucHur's Cubollo Soaps and Componnda al tregenuine. AU ether are ba imitettons f orthl. 0L0 BV ALL DRUGOISTSTREMAIN & COLE, GROCERS AND PROVISIÓN DEALERS Na 30 East Huren Street. A full line of Groeeriesconstantly on hnnd and fo' salecheup, ineluding Öugurs, Teas, típices, &c. Country Produce Bought and sold. Iiring in your Buttír, Eck, Poultry, Fruits, Seo. 1. R. ÜOIK 1im pstnbliahod his Coal office t thí store of TKK1IAIN & COI.U, where all orders will he prompUy ntiended lo]4;is COCO-OLEIñSE; A perfect hair dressinp- not a dye . nor a ■ - atoratiro, but a dreasing, elegant -j_1 nud a. - STEARNS' COCO-OLE!N is eooiing to the sciip, imparta a dehghtlnl Ben3 ot vitaüty ' and buftneaa tol - Urn hu. swoetly prrfumed and limpid, renders the hairw pple and f dresaes it inany ■■ n öceirt; form. Wím STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, entiroly v getuble oil, proventa tbat dryneea oí' ptf:ilj whic h ""s causes daudruil p"_ "i to at . umulate. ' I 1 _ STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE couiains iu oaelarge bottlts more oil aud íuoi'fi }■ rfnme _■ thiiu miy othcr ■- huir dressing 'la market, uxd H"bp4 beid4f sold twünt,y-íivper ctnt. lesa than most Dthei. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE ï']ïf;htonblondehair,darU-eiisftub ■ m , , uní hnir, penderá lúa trouB brown and black 3 huir, lusbcua the harshuesa of coarte huir. STEARNS' COCO-OLïINE IA WATJE ONLV DY PEEDEHIOK BRiAfiSS; - 0EEMIËT, DETROIT, MUII. Soldeverywhoiv. Be sur md pet the Genuino Coco-Oleine. Let no une palrn oíf onyoua ! ble of sorae chmp avd xvurti, iantaiion of foco Olf-ine. Ti ere are mon? than twenty counterdeíf of it noW sokt, y ui tip asnöftr hko thé peinuno ai tha iniikerd darc and evada the law. HURRY UP ! PAHTIES wlnhlnft Wall Paper, ShatUis Hollandi, Window Plitaret, Co-1, Tassola, Ac , 11 NewStylea, t 8tlfctorj prloet, b J. R. Webater CoL Book Stor e,nr tbe Sxpieoakc X _X


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