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0 dwollers in the deep, Uu from the caves of Ocean liitlier Lome . Like to the soul that keep Forevermore, though in a realm iorlorn, All memories üf fore-known love and joy- ye sigh and mouri: And wail for the uniathomable seas. 1 low mine car incline : Within your convolutions, BWay and swaoh All voioes of tho brine ; I hear on barren reeis the surges dash- ïhe breakers roar ; The homeless billows fret and foam and wash, And die far-off upon au alien shore. And ye do more complain, When angry lides with wintry tempcsts toss, Of ill aud wrong and pain :- Like heart new-sorro-ed at some olden loss, Ye moan and sigh As ve were sore a wounded Alabatross, O"r ye would feign the Stormy Feterel s cry. From Archipelagoes That lave the sauds ot Indra and the l&les Of Palm, whero nightly glows The sea with with a trauslucent sulendor - smüei In flash and foam On shores Australian,--over all the miles To ye come visions of a long-lost home. Telling of all things fair : Of beauty blooming in the depths below ; Of coral gardens rare Where sea-bells, sea-pinks, and sea-roses biow; Where twinkle fine The lamp-auricules ; where sea-pens glow, And sea-anemones and star-flsh shine ; Where to the floor of rock Tho linipet clings ; where periwinkles Inde From the rude billows' shock ; Where pearly nautilus from prow of pride Strikes his frail oars, Or argonaut gay sails the tranquil tide, Or far below his paiuted shallop moors. Down where the diver bold Takes his lone way, all gems of ocean are ; What marvels yet untold ! - Cones, wattles, volutes helmets, neritas, - rare Wonders oí God's Sea-world !- harps, tiaras, ear-shells fair, With all your kindred of the caverncd floods. There in your home with these Again to be, ye grieve mcessantly ; - What deathless sympathie, Outreaching mortal pain ! what subtle tie, Unsundered, though The springs that feed the briny wells go dry, And mountains ñee, aud suns wax pale and go Though uninterpreted, What tongue of prophesy ; what mystic tone . What voico as from the dead ; What intimation of a world unknowuA rare sphere Transcending all- the still unchartored zone That vaiu we seek, so far and yet so uear ! Though all things fade apace- Do fade and f all- they pass not utterly ; Within your jasper vase There lingers still a toue, a mystery- A something hides Of glory fled - of love that may not die : All Life that ever was somewhere abides. O weary walting soul ! Thou art net in thy loneliuess alone ! Wherever seas do roll, Or suns do shine, or pügrim wrnds do moan On desert sand, Some spirit wanders, yearning for its own, And unforgotten far-off f atherland ! O evile from the sea, That homesick wander from your kin and clime What am I more than ye 'f Like ye, Life's foregone heritage sublime I wait aud weep, - A polyp, fainting on the shores of Time, Vain lonsinir for the illnuitable deep .


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