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A Slight Mistake

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The Cincinnati correspondent of the , Cleveland Leader tells this story about ;he adventures of a stranger in the Contitutional Convention of Ohio : A spruce, trim fellow carne int3 the Convention on luesday, before it began Dusiness. He seemed kind of restless, like i, cat in a strange garret, and huug iround the Clcrk's desk in a timid manner, waiting for some one to ask hirn what he wanted, but no one asked hiin, and he finally mustered up courage to ïnquire of one of the Secretarles for the Chief C!erk, and Mr. Ehodes was pointed out to him, and the shadow of suspense left his face as he approached the solemn Secretary and said : " I believe you are the Clerk; wel], I want to join this Convention." Dud looked at him inquiringly, and said : " Want to do what Y' " I want to join this Convention." A look of pity and commiseration came over Dud's thoughtful face, as doubts of the feHow's sanity began to dawa upon him, and he said : " Why, my dear sir, I don't understand you." " Why, I am from Indianapolis [and he grew tour inches talier] , I am acquainted with Gen. Soll Meredith and Gov. Hendricks [he straightened up about four inches more]; and I want to join this Convention ! This is the Short-Horned Convention, ain't it?" A Short-Horned Cattle Convention met at Mozart Hall the same day, and the delégate from Iudianapolis had got things mixed.


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