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Don't Burn The Letters

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jNever burn kmdly letters - ït 19 so pieasaut to read thein over when the paper is yellow with age, and the hands that traced the friendly lines are folded over the heart that prompted them, under the green sod. Above all never burn love letters. To read them in after years is like rosurrecting one's youth. The elderly spinster tinds in the impassionated offer foolishly rejected twenty years ago a fountain of rej uvenescence. Glancing over it, she realizes that she was onee a belle and a beauty, and beholdsher i'ormer self in a mirror mach -more congenial to her taste than the one that confronts her in her dressing room. The widow indeed, derives a sweet consolation from the letters of the loved one who has gone before her to the far off land, whence there carne no message, and where she hopes one day to join him. No photographs can so vividly recall to the meinory of the ujother the tenderness and the devotion of the children who have left at the cali of Heaven as the epistolary outpouring of their love. The letter of a son or a daughter to a mother is sometimes better than an image of the features - it ír a reflex of the writer's soul. Keep all loving letters. Burn only the harsh and cruel ones, and in burning them forgive and forget them.


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