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Grand Churches--no Schools

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traveler in Mexico writes to the N. Y. Methodist that throughout all this lovely country, as you ride in the cars, as you travel by the diligence, splendid churches, in the style of the cathodral, meet the eye. Desolate and waste may be the prospect for leagues, when suddtmly, beautiful in architecture and massive in forrn, with its dome and tower, rises before you a spacious temple. It is like a pillar standing amid the ruins of a city. Thero is nothing around it corresponding to its stately beauty. Miserable huta, the abodes of poverty, ignorance and filth, reach up to the tomple walls. Whatever niay have been the piety, the knowleage, the thrift, within the sacred inclosure, tboy have not spread to the community around ; and the fact is forced upon the inind that whoever may have preaohed and labored in theso churches, their labor has not been to elévate, refine, educats, but to depress, enérvate, impoverish. A round of repetitions within the church, as a substitute for the converting, sanctifying influences of the Holy Spirit, have produced their legitímate effect. Caroel'e hair cloth wears well and can be " made over " any number of times. This renommendation ought to promote the sale and enhance the popularity of the material.


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