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A Very Bashful Husband

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The following little aneodoto is told about a very bashful man in Indiana. - The unfortunate's friends knew that he wanted to be married ; they knew that he deserved to be ; but they knew that he never would be if he waited until he found courage to pop the question ; so they took all the trouble off his hands, and by a series of rapid strategie moves had him " popped," accepted, and wived, before he oould find a pretext for " wilting." So much aoeomplished, and the nuptial evening having passed off merrily, the young man's backbones withdrew at an early hour, feeliug that they could spare themselves further effozt in their friend's behalf. About five minutes after, young Benedict, who had evidently been having a serious debate with himself, rose and took his hat, and with a nervous " Good night," made his exit. He was not seen again by his bride or his family until the following evening, when he timidly knocked at the door and was admitted. No special comment being made upon his singular conduct, he passed an hour comfortably in the parlors, and everjthing seemed to promise íavoraDly ior a cuie oí ms uuseiuug wumness, when, hearing the household monitor proclaim the hour of nine, he suddenly seemed to remember he had forgotten something, and started for his hat. This was the moment and the event that had been soniewhat expectantly awaited with indignation most profound but under control by the bride's niother. Planting herself resolutely in the doorway, the old lady demanded to know why and wherefore, what he proposed to do, and whether he was a man or only a feeble imitation, etc. ; in short, why he did not remain with his wife instead of slinking back to his old quarters ? The bashful son-ín-law stammered out, as the elderly female seized his hat and backed him into a chair again : " Well, I should like to, but I thought maybe I'd better wait awhile, for f'ear it might make talk among the neighbors !"


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