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WtTiNESDiT. Deeemher 17, 1873. Tiie Board of Supervisors of the County .f Washtenaw met pursuant to adjournment tt the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, un Wödnesday, December the seventeenth, A. D. 1873, at ten o'elock in the forenoon. Called to order by the ehairman. Roll called by the clerlc. The following Supervisors uasvsred to their names: Messrs. Annabil, Batchelder, Burch, Eisele, Ualpin, ïlaire, Jones, Krapf, Kress, Noyes, Oleott, Pieree, Kenwiek, Rowe, Rhodes, Shurtleff, Sase, Tuomy, Van Riper, Wynkup, Webb, Wilsey, Warner, and the ehairman. On niotion, the Board adjourned until half-past one o'elock P. M. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board met purauant to adjournment. Called to order by the chairman. Roll called. Quorum present. Mr. Rowe, fioni the Conimittee on Civjl Claims, reported the following, and recomiuended their allowance at sums stated : Claimad. Allowed 1 W. II. Mclntyi e, llcpnty Sher1ff.....$45 00 45 U0 2 .1. M. Foreyth, Llfeputy Sheriff. 30 I 80 00 ö ïhos. J. Hoskins, Oepuiy Shertfl'... 45 0() 4.) m 4 B. W. Waile, services Kt Co. house 44 22 44 6 J. L. Gilbert. clerkonpostmortem exnmination 3 00 3 00 6 W. F. Breakey, services as coioner i UO J w On motion of Mr. Burch, the report was accepted and adopted, and claims allowed as recommended. Mr. ShurtleíF moved that the aboveallowed claims be paid out of the Contingent Fund. Agreed to. On motion of Mr. Wynkup, the bill of Mr. Finley for services as County Drain Commissioner was referred to the Conimittee on County Drains. Mr. Renwick, from Conimittee on County Drains, to whom was referred the bill of Mr. Finley, report that they recommend the chairman and clerk of this Board to countersign the County Drain Commissioner's order for said .bill. Agreed to. On motion of Mr. Tuomy, Mr. Van Riper ; was excused from attendance on this Board 1 f'or the balance of the session. On motion, the following report of the Prosecuting Attorney was accepted and ordered spread upon the journal : Ta the Honorable the Board of Supervisors of tie Vounty of Washtenaw : ü ENTLEMT.N : The resolution of your honorable body in relation to the Northfield ditch tax I have had under consideraron, and beg leave to report as follows : In answer to the first question, to-wit : " Has this Board a legal right to order said tax to be assessed on said township and pareéis of land the present year?" I give, as niy opinión, that, the Board having once so ordered, any further action in that direction on their part is not called for._ The second question is : "Is this county responsible in any way for the payment of .said tax?" It will be the duty of this or sjme future Board to see that innocent parties do not suffer by reason of the nonpayment. of this tax, and under the monetary power of the Board, there is no doubt of the power to assume the resnonsibility, though such L.ction is not advisable at P The third question is : " What duty or duties has this Board to perform (if any) in relation to the matter?" In answer to this question I advise that it is the duty of the Board to apply, through the proper channel, f'or a mandamus, to oompel the performance of its order of 1871, or seek f'or relief by special legislativo action. llespectfully submitted. Edward P. Allen, Prosecuting Attorney. December lTth, 1873. Mr. Noyes, from Committee on Small Pox Claims, presented the following report: ïi) the Honorable the Board of Supervisors of the County of Washtenaw : Your committee to whom were referred the several claims known as the Small Pox Claims, which have been considered at a special meeting of your committee, as ordered by the Board of Supervisors, beg leave to report as foliows, viz : That we have had the several claims under consideration, and have exercised due diligence in finding out the correctness of each claim. We find that the Board of Health of the city of Ann Arbor, which was in power at the time these several claims were made, failed to comply with the law in mostevery particular, thereby making it the duty of your honorable body to examine into and adjust the several claims, as they shall believe to be right and just. (See 3d Mich. „ AQ1 We find in Compiled Laws, Vol. lst, page 5C2, sec. 15: " Where any person coming from abroad, or residing in any township within this State, shall be infected, or shall lately before have been inf'ected with the small pox, or other sickness dangerous to the public health, the Board of Health of the township where such persons ruay be, shall make effectual provisions in the'manner in which they shall judge best for the safety of the inhabitants, by reinoving such sick or infected person to a separate house, if it can be done without danger to his health, and by providing nurses and other assistance and necessaries. Which shall be at the charge of the person hiraself, his parents, or other persons who may be liabie for his support, if able, otherwise at the charge of the county to which he belones." We also find, under the statute, in cases of small pox or other sickness dangerousto the public health, that the Board of Health of the respective localities, where and when such disease shall break out, have the power to take possession of housea and other places, for the purpose of confining the duease, and for taking necessary care of the person or persons infected with such diseases ; and that, when such proceedings are instituted, the Board of Health shall keep a eonect record of' all these proeeedings. We find in the cases which we have had under considerador), that the Board of Health have failed to keep any record of their procueding3, thereby making a very nrduous and unpleasant dutylbr your coinluittee to perfurw. ....,, „ We find in Justice McMahon s office a cupy of Üi.' warrant issued by Justices McMahon and Sessions for condeuaning the house of Mrs Emily Jewett, in the sixth ward of this city, for a siuall pox hospital or pest house, and i'roiu the best informatton we can gather we believe the procecd-. ings in the matter were correct, and that the county is undcr obligations to pay a reasonable compensa tion therefor. We have agrced upon a certain amount for the same, which we hereby recommend that your honorable body will allow. Your committea would further recommend that the severil warrants to be drawn for the amounts claimed by the city of Ann Arbor (by reason of assignment) be made payable to said city in the several sums a.a recommended by your committee. (See the respective, claims. ) Your comn ittee also recommend that, in view of this fact, viz : That, according to the best information and evidence we can obtain trom the examination of different witnessea and other evidence which has come to our knowledge, that this disease was brought here through the medical department of State institution, known as the University of Michigan, and believing as we do, would recoromend that your honorable body petitioo the State Legislature through your honorable Senator and Representatives for relief, to be paid to Washtenaw County in the amount of sucb sum as it shall not have received pay for. Your committee would also recommend. that the Prosecuting Attorney be instructed and empowered to obtain a list of all the patients that were treated for small pox under the direction of the Board of Helth of the city of Ann Arbor during last winter and spring, and tocommunicate with them, their parent, thoir guardiims, or their respective counties, and request them to pay such sums as he may deern just and right, for the purj)ose of re-imburning this county tor moneys paid out for expenses ineurred in their behalf while nek here with the ainnil ndT. We have examined all the bilis presented to us appertaining to the matter undereonsideration, and unanimously recomniend that they be allowed as reported by yonr corumittee, and that warrants be drawn apon the County ïreasurer tor the respective amounts, payable to the different parties as their claims may appear. J. D. Olcott, Michael J. N0YE8. Elias Haire, 8. W. Shurtlefi', Isaac Wynkup, Committee. Ann Akbiih, Deo. Iflh, 1873. On motion of Mr. ShurtlefF, the report and the claims therein referred to were accepted and laid upon the table. Mr. Noyes, from Cominittee on Criaiinal Claims, reported the claim of A. J. Sawyer, and reconimended its allowance at seventyfive dollars, as claimed. Mr. Haire moved to lay it upon the table. Carried. On inotion of Mr. Renwick, the Board adjoumed until ten o'clock to morrow morning. W. Irving Yeckley, Chairmau. Tiiüitsr at, December 18, 1873. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Called to order by the chairman. Roll called. Quorum present. Mr. Tuomy, from Committee on Civil Claims, reported the following and recommended their allowance at sums stated : Claimed. Allowed 7 Wiek? & Mclntyre, tmpplies for jail4 0r Í4 05 8 Geo. W. Brown. Depir.y Sheriff 45 OU 45 00 9 John H. Davis. wrk for committee. 5 00 5 00 lOEdwurd DulTy, supplies for jail S M On motion of Mr. Wynkup, the report was accepted and adopfed, and claims or dered paid out of the contingent fund. Mr. Noyes, from Committee on Small Pox Claims, reported tha bilis of C. Holliday and James Arnold without aation. ; Mr. Noyes moved that tho bilí of Mr. ! HolUday be allowed at five dollars as rent : forhis house. Carried. 11 C. Holliday, rent 5 Ol) Mr. Rhodes moved that the bilí of Mr. Arnold be allowed at the sum of five dollars. ASreed t0Allowed. 12 Jame8 Arnold, reDt... s 00 Mr. Wilsey, from the (Jommitteeto settle with the County Superintendents of the Poor, made a report, which was, on motion of Mr. Wynkup, referred back to the committee. Mr. Wilsey offered the following resolution, which was, on motion, laid upon the table : Be it Resolved, That the Superintendents of the Poor be and are hercby instructed not to audit or allow more than $20.00 for the support of any one person or family without the consent, in writing, of a Superintendent, as tbe law directs. And be it further . , , Resolved, That each Supervisor be and is hereby instructed to report to the Superintendents of the Poor, and to this Boai á, as required by sec. 10, chap. L., of Lompiled Laws of 1871. And be ítíurther Resolved, That the Superintendents be andaré ñereoy requireu iu repun. w u Board the amount and cost of grocenes, provisions, clothing, boots and shoes, bedding, bardware, crockery, lumber, drugs, furniture, etc., and by whom farnished: also, the amount of relief furnished to each Supervisor' s District, and by whom ordered. Mr. Krapf offered the following : Resolved, That the County Treásurer bo requested to have the tax rolls íbr 1 872 and 1873 bound in form to correspond with the rolls already bound. Adopted. On motion of Mr. Shurtleff, the report of the Cominittee on Small Pox Claims was made a special order íbr half-past one o'clock P. M. On motion, the Board adjournod until half-past one o'clock v. tl, AFTERNOON SESSION. Board met pursuant to adjournuient. Called to order by the chair. Koll called. Quorum present. The hour for the special order baving arrived, Mr. Shurtleff moved that the report of the Committee on Small Pox Claims be taken frorn the table. Agreed to. Mr. Webb moved to araend by striking out the amount recommended to be paid for use of pest house. Mr. Jones accepted the amendment, and the motion as amended was then agreed to. Mr. Krapf moved to adopt that portion of the report relating to the pest house. Mr. Webb moved to amend by striking out $246 from the amount recommended to be paid for use of pest house. Amendment lost. The motion of Mr. Krapf to adopt that portion of the report relating to the pest house was then adopted by yeas 19, nays 3. Mr. Noyes, from Committee on Criminal Claims, reported the following, and recom mended their allowance at sums stated : daimed. Allowed. 13 M. Flemine, Sheriff. K-JJ ?S„ 1 S 14 Wm. H. Mclntyre, Deputy Sheriff, 22 6b 23 66 15 J. M. Forsyth, Deputy Sheriff. 40 58 4u 6S 1 O. N. Allyn. Deputy Sheriff 1 50 lb nO 17 G. W. Bruwn, Deputy iherifl 10 M 10 30 18 W. B. Sumnur, Depury Sheriff. 2b bO 2b bO 19 Orrin Thatcher. Justice 4 48 4 48 20 C. H. Manley, Jaxtice.... 1 45 19 45 21 Peter Welnette, Constable 19 1' 22 Perry Depew, Constable J ju ÍWJoseph Preston, Depaty Jto 25 24 .J. B. Schwab, Depuiy Marshal 2 02 2 0. 25 E. W. Wallace, Lonstable lb 00 lb 00 26GeoreW. Moore, juior 50 50 27 Arthur Polhemus.juror ,. 50 50 28 Chauncey Braocli, juror 9 J í9John W. Maynarrl.juror w &0 30 John Moore.Juror g 31 Daniel R. Kelley.juror 50 50 32 HnghCasBidy.wltuess I" JM 33 John Caseidy, witness } b4 M 34 Catherine Breitenbach. witiioss 1 b4 l 64 35 James P. Bush, wituess 94 M 3B Mary Breitenbach, witness 1 4 1 kt 87 John A. Csssidy, witness w 88 38 Jame W, CdS8dy, witness 91 J4 38 Oliver N, Allyn, witness '6 b 40 Huijh Oassldy, witnesB TO. 41 James P. Buuh, witness .,., 7b 7b 24 Thomas Shaw, M. D., wituess vi vl On motion, the report was accepted and adopted, and claims ordered paid out of contingent fund. Mr. Tuomy, from Committee on Civil Claims, reported the following, and recommended their allowance at sums stated : Claimed. Allowed 43 Michael Fleming, Sheriff Í62 50 $52 50 44 W. B. Sumner, l)enuty Sheriff. 31 50 31 !0 45 L. C. RUdon, Bundiies 11 53 11 53 46 R. W. ElliB & Co., driles 60 47 Rice A. Beal, blnnks Probate office 17 00 17 00 48 Rice A. Beal, bouds forTreasurei's offlce 4 50 4 50 49 Rice A. Beal, order books, caleuders. etc, 112 50 112 50 50 Rice A. Beal , blanks, school officers' receipt 20 00 20 00 Mr. Benwick moved that the report be accepted and adopted, and claims paid out of the contingent fund. Agreed to. Mr. Jones moved that the report of the committee be adopted. Mr. Haire moved that the bill of Mr. Sawycr be taken from the table. Carried. Mr. Renwick moved that the report of the committoe recommending its allowance be adopted, and the amount paid out of the contingent fund. Agreed to. Mr. Renwick offcred the following : RetóLeed, By the Board of Supervisors of Washtenaw County, after having carefully examined and cQnsidered the communication of' our Prosecuting Attorney on the Ludwig Drain Tax, in the township of Nortfefield, would therefore instruct the County 'i'reasurer to pay all orders that were drawn in the years 1871 and 1872 againwt said drain or ditch tax, and that the ramo be paid out of any moneys in h handi belonging to the contingent fund of j said county. Mr. Pierce offered the following asa substitute, which was, on motion, adopted : Resolved, By the Board of Supervisors of Washtenaw County, That the Prosecuting Attorney of said county bo and is hereby directed to enforcè the colleotion of i eertain drain tax assesscd against the property of eertain individuals in the township of Northfield, which was ordered placed upon the said tax roll of J 871 , by the Board of Supervisors of' that year, by a writ of mandamus from the -Supreme Courtof th State, or'in any other manner that he may see fit, and to report his aetion on t.he same to the Board of Supervisors at their annual meeting in 1874. Mr. Haire moved that tlie report of tho Coniniittee to examine and settle with the County Suporintendents of' the Poorbe aeeeptcd. Carried. Mr. Wynkup moved to lay the report upon the table, which motioñ prevailed. The report of the Committee on Small Pox Claims, which was accepted and adopted, recommended the allowanco of the lowing at suma stated : 53 Slmvson & Son, Trocarles $12 7 f la 70 ] 5:i William Hayer, meat.s 4 15 4 15 54 A. H. Holmej, woort 7 60 7 50 55 R. W. Bilis & Co., drugs 1 li) 110 . 6 J C. Shaw, work 2 (H) 2 00 57 Dellbel, Swift & Co , flour 4 2" 4 25 , 68 Dr. John Kapp, medical service, 3'i 00 80 00 5$ Dr. (i. E. Frothinehnm. " 1" 00 15 00 ■ B0 Dr. F. A. Spaulding, " SU 00 Sil 00 (il Dr. MaeLean, " 200 00 100 00 62 Ur. A. B. Palmer, " 882 00 151 50 Dr. Cyrua Backus 75 00 63 C. Gillespie, house rent and takin; care of patients 125 00 10 0() 64 Dr. Frothingham. medical services ana me ving patients 225 00 100 0() 65 Mrs. Khodu Lewis, reut, etc 100 00 -10 0l Vlaimed. Allowed. 66 John H.Datis, work IBS 00 104 00 67 John Cook, digging graves 15 00 9 00 68 G. E. Sisson, bedding, etc 5(i 62 5ii 62 69 Dean ft Co., nierchundise 17 23 17 -2; 70C.S. Alderton, milk 16 62 1H 6J 71 O. D. Porter. deaning pest house... 15 00 IS 01) 72 Noah Scheuck, work on pest bouse, 42 00 42 00 73 Kmily 15. Jewett, use of house 750 00 52H 00 74 Kobison & Baxter, livcry 24 ) 24 50 75J. D. Isele. vrall paper 1! 13 V.l 75 76 O. D. Porter, work li 25 6 2 ■7 Viola Blies, bed spread, etc 10 00 10 00 78 N. A. Purden, bedding 10 25 10 25 79 F. Donovan, merchandise 21 13 21 13 80 K. W. jlllia & Co., chlo. lime 60 60 81 J. C. Watson & Co., stationary 23 33 23 33 8! Erlward Walker, work 17 00 17 00 83 Mrs. L. DraKe, bedding 50 00 60 00 84 Kberbach & Co., prescriptions 3 15 3 15 85 K. W. üllis & Co., medicines 50 N BH 60


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