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The Conviction Of Senator Graham

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Ex-Senator "Williarn M. Graham was palé and haggard when he appeared in Circuit conrt yesterday morning. He had evidently passed a sleepless night. During a year's imprisonment Mr. Graham has become five years older in looks; but it waa not until Tuesday aiternoon that he gave up all hopes of acquittal. Judge Benedict having then ruled that the conversión of trnst funds by the prisoner to his own use, even though he might have promptly returned the uioney, constituted an offense under the statute, there was evidently no escape. Mr. Fullerton than asked tinie to examine the books of the Market Savings Bank, in order to discover whether the loans made to Graham were not tbr the benefit of' the bank. A night's careful investigation proved there waa no connection between the Market Savings and the Walkill National, and on the opening of court yesterday Mr. Fullerton said that his cliënt feit that he had an impartial trial and had come to the conclusión to interpose no defeuse. Mr. Purdy, for the District Attorney, said it was unnecessary for hiin to mako any roraarks, as it was the plain duiy of' the court to direct a verdict for the Government on the unoontradioted evidence. Judge Benedict to the jury: "It is unnecessary for me to go over the evideuce in tbis case, as you have it fresb in your memories. If you believe that Mr. Graham, the prisoner, when Per3ident of the Wal kill National Bank, appropriated even temporarily any of its funds to his own use, then you should find him guilty. The evidenee for the prosecution has not been contradicted." The jury, after about eight seconds' consultation, returned a verdict of guilty, and ex-Senator William Moffit Graham was guarded back to Ludlow Street Jail by two deputy Marshalls. The penalty is not less than 5 or more than 0 yeavs imprisonment. Mr. Graham will be simtenced'on the last day of the term. He is the third ex-member of the State Sonate convicted of crime in New York city within tho past two months. Graham was in the Senates of 1868-09 and 1870-71. He was convicted of etnbezzling the funds of the Walkill (ürange county) National Bank to the amount of $11,817.25. He is a native of Orange county, and is 55 years old. He was tor six years cashier of the Middletown bank, and then, in 1860, became President of the bank. He was also troasurer of Orange county for six years.


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