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- The Pontiac Gazet te whioh is a full)looded Republican organ, frees its editoial mind touching the noniination of At:orney-General Williams to be Chieffustice. We quote a single sentence : ' The social question oonnected with the uomination to a second General Eaton af - fair. Mrs. Williams having been divorced from her rirst husband, loft her second who was a drunkard, and found Mr. Williams, while teaching in Oregon." Was she divorced from from that second hua band, also, or is bigamy one of her " so cial sins?" Can the Gazeüe enlighten us concerning this sort of a Mrs. Woodhull ? The Republican politicians and leaders who favor a postal telegraph system probably think that it will be a iiice thing to give the partisan postmasters oi the country the reading of the telegrams of their political opponents. There is a proverb about its being " A long lane that has no turn," and a sajing about one being "hoist by his own petard : " both of whioh we cotnmend to , chief-fuglers of Postmaster-General Creswell. Until sealed letters are made sacred against cuiious officials or prying detectives the business or political public will not dare to coufide their important telegraphic correspondence to the average postal officers. - That landaulet, bought norainally for the Department of Justice and out of its contingent fund, but really for the use of Mrs. Attorney-General Williams, was drawn by " spanking pair of grays," purchased by a draft of $750 upon the same fund. Is the man who can thus misuse or abuse his trust a fit man to bemade Chief-Justice 'i The President has said yes and chosen him in preference to all the pure men of the nation. What " hitch " has Williams on Grant or is there a genuine fellow ing between them ? - We believe in giving evon the devil his due, and so we cordially approve a recent order of. Po9tmaster--General Creswell prohibiting custom house officers from meddling with letters received from foreign countries, and ordering them promptly forwarded to their place of destination. We do so the more cheerfully having been free in disapproving and conderaning numerous opinions, decisions, and proposed measures of the officer in question. - Grant made great haste to pardon his political friends in Philadelphia conyicted of violating the election laws in the interest of the Eepublican party. Viewing his office and his duties differently Gov. Hendricks wrote, iu answerto an application for the pardon of a political and personal friend convicted of lating the law against betting on elootions that, having won the monoy he had better pay the fine. - The peopie of Oregon are poking very pointed sticks at Senator Hippie or Mitohell or whatever the reader chooses to cali him. They charge him with seduction, fraud, bigamy, using an assumed name, etc., with ñames and dates. They ask his resignation, and if refused demand his expulsión. His brother Senators will probably renieinber the scriptural injunction, " Let him that is without sin amongst you cast the first stone." - Ac a special meeting of the New York City Bar Associition, held on Tuesday evening, a resolution was unanimously adopted condemming the nomination of Attorney-General Williams to be ChiefJustico, and prote3ting againat his confirmation. But what does the President or Williams care for that i Mr. Williams has more influence with both gentlemen than the united bar of the natioa. - Mrs. Sarah Brown, of Boston, who graduated in the Medical Department of the University, is credited with extracting twenty-uine small pebble stones from the ear of one John Suiith aged sixteen years, a patiënt in the South Boston Idiotie Institution. They were put in by the boy when seven years old and were, no doubt, the cause of his idiocy. The boy is said to be recovering. - Hon. A. H. Stephens, of Georgia, made an able spoeph against the Civil Bight's bill on Monday. By the way, the bill in question is wrongly named ; in stead of giying civil rights to the colored man it takes them away frorn the white This establishing sooail equality by legislation is a modern iuventiou or quack uostrum which is worthless to accomplish its assumed or desired end- Gov. Bagley has appointed Dr. S. S. Cutter to be a member of the State Public School Board, vice J. S. Babbeib, resigned to accept the Coldwater postofflee. He has also appointed D. P. Mayhew, formerly a professor in the State Normal School, member of the State Board of ucation, in place ot lev. xj. n. .orown, deceased. Ia the Senate, ou Ïue9day, the nomination of Caleb Cushing to be Miniater to Spain was confirined. No action was taken on the nomination of Williams to be Chief-Justice. And yet he (loes not take a hint. Soine pepple haye to be indulged in kicks, - The churohes, soeieties or congregations of Dr. Storrs, Dr. Buddington, and Beeoherare still at loggerheada: "twoagin one." They might show a little more Christian charity aud followahip, und thereby save the public trom listening to their bickerings. - The Philadelphia Preas favors a new trial for Gen. Fitz John Porter : which he may get when his radical maligners and haters have lost both influence and power at Washington. The reader can take as little or much stock as he chooses in the N. Y. llerald stary (sea anotb,ep oqlumn) oQnoernlng Brigham Young and his. wife jn ïjngland. We don' swallow it. Sundry papers speak of the Virginius question as settled by the sinking of that steamer, when only the steanier was settled. The question is not so easily disposed of. Gongh is credited with having leotured 7,000 times in thirty-one years : which is proof of the endurance and lougsuffering of the lecture-going public. - At Christ Church, Chicago, on Sunday last, Bishop Cheney, of the Reforined Episcopal Churoh, admjnistered the rite of oonflrmation to forty flve personi. - President Grant was at ' the capitol on Monday, closeted with the Senate Judiciary Committee. We shall seo what we shall see. . A Free Press itemizer says : " Bon Butler still hates the press." Bully for Ben Butler, the boy with acock-eye, suy we. - Ohio has an aggregate debt of $32,314,000.


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