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Ann Arbor.Thursday, Jan. 8, 1874. Apples - Green, 4U(60c. Butter- 20(M6c. Beef- From wagon, $5.00(0.6.00. Corn- Old 65f0;O- New COc. per bu. Chickens - Dressed 6;&7c. Deessed Hogs, - $0.50 Egg8 - Command üOc. Hay - $15@20 per ton, aecording to quulity. Honey- In cap, 22íñ)25c. Lard - The market stands at 8Oïtc. Onions- $1.00. Oats- 3B@37c. POTATOE8- 80@90c. Tuknips- 3O@40o. White tl.4091.4S; Amber $l.30@1.35 TUUKEYS- 10@llC. Detroit ProdiiceMarkflt. L;itest quotations for leading articles of country produce- Dec. 8, are as follows : white, $14C@1.S6 ; amber 1.C0S1 42 Habley- íl.90@2.80per nent;il. KYK- öu L7oc per hu. Corn- S5@e0c. Oats - 42(g43c. Potatoks- 7óc@95c Dbf.ssed i6óO(ffi{7 ('. HAY-Í13ia$2.3 Buttee- 18Si20e. Egos- 20@27c. Lard- 9@10c. Hoset- 27@32c. Wool- 30@40c. per lb. Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free Presn. Michigan Central Cattle Yards ) Mouday, Jan. 5. J Tlie opening week of the new year was inaugurated by the restoration ot the market to ita wonted activity. The receipts in cattle and hogs exceed those for the same week last year, and notwithstanding the heavy volume, the market was pretty well cleaned out at its close. Facilities for shipment Kastwanl improve eacïi year by the opening of new through routes and shippers suffer less embarrasaments. Receipts ior the week and oorresponding week last year were as tollows : Cattle. Hofrs. Slieep. Week ending Jan, ö, 1874, 682 320 6,186 Week ending Jan. 6, 1873, 309 2,31') 4,370 Via. Chicago and Joliet there were received 1,37U head cattle and 883 hogs. OATTXiX. The yards were hterally packed trom the interior, and at one time neeessitated the use of the alleys. The home deniand was quite brisk for choioe cattle, and when that was supplied shippers secured what lots they could suitable tor shipment. The prices sustained under this influx were wondered at by those watciüng for a fall. Shipping c:ittle brought as usual from $4 26 to i 66 for averages of 1,000 to 1,100 pounds. Medium lots same grade, of lighter wi'iihts. brom'ht "$4 50 to $4. The qualities were not up to formar weeks, the firm prices inducing farmers to sliip inferior qualitiea. HOOS. There is no change to note in this line, but few lote heisg reoeived this week. A coinparison to the receipts last year, as exhibited in the above tabfe of receipts, shows that the erop raised last ycar was not so great as in the tonner years. "The qualities, too, indícate that it is difficult to gathax a fine lot of hoes now. Heavy weighta run from td 25 to ?■") Mi, vvhile last year they bröught trom ?ii 60 to S3 80, with a correeponding ratio in roceij'te. Light weights are beid at tti 26. 3IIEEP. The rush in sbeepoontinueB witli little change in priees, whichseeni tohave an upward tendencv ander the (tre&test preeasres. Tnere were some very ñne qtmlit íes presented and n tjood range to select from. Smooth lotsaveraKÍng95 lbs brought from $5 20 ti só .'i. mixed lots 34 50 to f ó, and pot iiilities, by the hea.d, at about $4 per hundrsd. Kintp Cattle Yakde, ) Dbtboit, Monday evening, Jan. 5. 5 CATTLB. A very poor lot. of cattle were offered this moruinpr, and for thom leas prices were accepted. (Jood cattle sold about as woll as lust week, but there were very few of them. The followmg quotations covered to-day's traneations: Choice beeves, youn, l.ugo, Wvil fattencil, wt:ir!iiit from L21M) to 1, MM) lbs. 4 00 11 1 .',0 Good beeves, well fattened, si and heifers, aveniging l,iló0 to 1.10Ü lbs, 3 00 (i 3 75 Mt'dium yrades, fair steerr-, ayer? aging 960 to 1,050 Iba., 2 50 a 2 75 Working cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 lbs., 3 25 a 3 75 Cows, common to choice, 3 00 a 4 00 Common stock, medium steers, and fair to extra cows, in decent fiesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 2 00 2 75


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