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flew lUmtements. DK. C. A. LEITKR, Fhysitfan and Surgeon, offliv (ivi'r Wat! s'Jcwelry Store, Main Street i!oiil. nee 58 Rast Hnron Street, 1"mf ASM ARBQR,MiCB ]sr. b. coj7fT Hünpuicbttsed the lnteit of his partner, W t maift, in the GKOCERY BUSINESS! And will "[Pliiy a I.onojHiind," furnishintBest Good ! at tbe LOWEST CASH PRICES. Remembeithe place- ao ButEuron Streel BSi Mr. Cole iissumo all the liabiEUet of the Inte flrm. and all balancea due the flrm must be Tiaid o him. l4&ltf C3-.BT THE BEST. WKBSÏKR'S UABRIDGED DICTIQNARY. 1 O. OOI) Wnrds and Mennings nat in oUict Dictimarres. 3,000 Engravings. 1 840 Pages Quarto. PriceJ'2. Work which none who can raad or write eau af. ford to dispense with. [Atlantic Monthly ] Essence of all other book.s. One uf the nesessanes oi life in eveiy house. [Independent l Reyondthe reach of oriticisn, You nre obliged to have this Dictionary [Spectator ] o faithful'y sets forth the present condition of " the English tonque. [ Harper'B Mavnzine ; rpliere i a vaat mine of infonnatiOD in the book. A [C'hristiiin Viiion.] Hxtensive Art Gallerv. P.cinarkalile compendium of human knowledge. (Household Advocate. Result of centuries of cultuie. Contributions of ome of the greatest minda. [New York Times. A necessity for every intelligent family, rtndest, (eaoher and protetfional man. "Wliat lítbrary U complete without the b-st Engüsh Dictionary ï ALSO WKBSTER'S NATIONAL PÍCTORIAL DICTIOniARY. 1040 Pages OcUvo. 600 Engravings. Pi ice $5 The work is retUly a gcm of a Dictimiarv, jm the thing for the million. - American Educatim I'ublished by G. & O. MERR1AM, Springüeld,Ma&s' Öold by all Booksellers. Estáte of Mary Corrigan. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Oounty of Wsh(cn;iw,s. At a session of the Probate Court for tlieCounty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Oificein tlit.'Ciiy oí' Aun Arbor, on Monday the twenty-mntli dny ui December, in the year oue thousauil ei and seveuty-three. Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judge of Probate. lu the matter of the estáte oí Mary (.'oniiidD, deceased. On reading and iiling the petÜipn dnly veriñeá, of Edward Dutíy, piaying that a certain instrument now on Üle in tbis court, purporting to be the last will and testament of said dtceí.sed, muy be adraitted to probate, and that he mjiy be appomttd sole Executor thereof. Thereupon itis ordered. that Mcmday, tl e second day of February next, ut ten o'clock in the lorenoon, be assined for hearing oí said pelition, and that the devisees, legateea, andjheirs at law of smd deceased, and all other persons interested in aaid estáte, are required to appear at a s■sim oí said Court, then to be holden at the Pu in the City oí' Ann Arbor, and show cause, if anj there be, why the prayer of the petitioner hould nol be granted: And it ia further ordered, that said petitionergive notice to the persons in terested in suM estáte, of the pendency of' said petition , and the hearinf thereof, by causing a copy of tliis order to be publishw in the Michigan Argus, a newspaper printed and airenlating in said County, three successive weeks previum to said day of hearing. (A true copy.) NOAH W. CHEEVER, 1460 Judge of Probate. Estáte of Frderick J. Wan zeek. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, eounty of Waahtenaw. ss O At a session of the Probate Court for thecount] of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Ottice, in tb jiuj ix xuii Aiuvi, vu v euutrnuiij , ncttruiu la oí January, in the year one thousand eig-iit hunilred and seventy-four. Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judije of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Frederick J. Wtzeck, deceased. Leonhard Gruner, Adniinistrator ut said estáte, comes into court and representa thatlie is now prepared to reuder his tinal account as such Administrator. Thereupon t is ordered, that "VVadnesday, the fourth day of February next, at ten o'clock iu the forenoon be assigned for the examining and nilowing such account, and that the heirs at law of said deceased, and all other persons intmsted in said estáte, are required to appear at u session of said Court, then to be holden at the Probatt Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, andslunv il any there be, "why the said account shoulü not be allowed : And it is further ordered. that said Administrator give notice to the persons interestfed in said estate.of the penuency of said jiceount and the hearing thereof, by causing a eopy of this order to be published in the Michigan Argut, a newspaper, printed and circulatiiii.' in said county, three successive weeks previous to said day of heuring. (A trne copy.) NOAH W. CHEEVER. 1460 Judge of 1'robate.g Sheriff's Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Washtenaw County. M By virtue of a writ of execution issued out ol and under the Seal of the Circuit Court for the county ui Washtenaw, and to me directed and deliveredagauut the goods, cbattles, lands, and tentments of Meiuhant H Goodrich. I have this Slat day of Deecmlxr, A. DM 1873, seized and levied upon all the riglll and interest Merchant H„ Goodrich has in :md tu t!.e following lande, to wit : Lots number two, three, four, ttve, and sjx, and west half of lots seven and eight, block one north, range flve east, excepting tea feet olf the west half of lots seven and eiRlit, also exoept forty-four feet front on Fourth street, by ooe hundred and ten feet deep, off the aouth-west corner of said lots, also lots number thirteen and fourteet, block number three north range four, all in the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw county, State of Michigan, which above described property I shall expose for sale at auction, to the highest bidder at the ïouth door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, on the twenty-nrst day of Feburary, A. 'D. 1874, at ten o'clock I.M. m suid day. Dated, Ann Arbor, Dcc. 31, 1S73. 1480td M. JFLEMINO, Shenï SherifTs Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of WiuhteMir. O Notice is hereby given that by virtue of one imt of execution issued out of and under the seal o! te Circuit Court for the County of Wushteuaw, to me directed and delivered, I dii on ttus teenth day of November, A. D. 1873, le7 P" all the nght, title and interest of H. Goodrich, in and to the following descnW real estáte, situated in the Couuty oí "■; tenaw. State of Michigan, to wit: L"111' two, three, foui, flve and six, and west halt oi BO seven and eight, block one north, range nve Mh excepting ten feet off the west half of lots seren ana eight, also except forty-four feet front on lourro street by one hundred and ten feet deep ott uie southweat corner of said lots. all in the city ot Ano Arbor, Waahtenaw County, State ot Miclugau, tiabove described property' I shall expuse tor Mie public auction, to the highest bidder, at ttm door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Ar oor, on the twenty-ftrst duy of February, A. V. ""i a ten o'elock a. m, of said day. Dated, Ann Arbor, Nov. 19, 1S73. ff Dr. .T. IValker's California Ti';egar Bitters are a pnwly Xcge t-e preparation, made cliiefly from the natmherbs found on thelower ranges of tlieölt, ra Nevada mountains oí California, tn medicinal properties of which are extrae ed therefrom wiUiout the use of Aicoi 101. The question ia almost daily asked, W} is the cause of the unparaUelod succeffi o VINEGAB ÜITTEBS? ' UUr Mw ' . they remove the cause of disease, ana w patiënt recovers his health. They are W great blood purifier and a life-ginng pr ciple, a perfect Benovator and If L. of the system. Never bef ore in the history of the world has a medicina been co pounded possessing the remarkab e qua ities of VufEGAR Bittees in heahng tbesi of every disease man is heir to. iney gentle Purgativo as weU as a Tome, reu ing Congestión or Inflammation 01 Liver and Visceral Organs, m Büiou eases. _ , t, ut Ifmen will enjoygood heaK them use Vixegab Bitteks as a me" and avoid the use of alcohohc stunw in every form. r. h. McDonald & c" .allfor. DruggiBt. and General Agent, San '""""w ïutfc uüi, aud cor. Washington and Oharltun Sta.. Sold by 11 Brufffists nd Pe1


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