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More Than a Free RIde to Detroit. Any person buying $20 worth of clothing of Joe. Ï. Jacobs, the original and only one-price clothier in Washtenaw Co., will receive $2.50 in cash, with which a ride to Detroit can be taken and enough to buy a dinner, or the money can be used in our own town and county, as the purchaser thinks best. This plan will bring the goods down lower than any house in the State can sell them, especially houses in large cities, where their expenses are immense. Sale to commence Jan. lst. 1874, and continue 31 days. Room No. 16 South Main St., Aun Arbor. P. S.- Purchascrs of $10 worth will receive $1 in cash. Aluin. Terra Alba, aiid Starcli are good in their places : but have no place in Gillet' Baking Vowder. A Mild Winter. History often repeats itself and so does fashion, and it would be no great wonder if the weather were to indulge in a similar freak during the coming winter. In 1827, November wasthe ooldest November known in the Eastern Middle States for fifty years, yet the winter following was the müdest that had been known within the remembrance of the oldest inhabitants. November, 1S73, has pro ved to be the coldest November since 1827, and December has been tolerably cool. As we are allowed equal quantities of heat and cold each year, it follows that as we have had more than our portion of cold for November and December, there will, undoubtedly, be a scarcity of that article for January and February, and a mild winter ishighly probable. This will be most grateful to all f uel consumers, and especially to the poor. Ask Vour Crocer for samples of Gillet's Snow White Baking Power, and doublé strength navoi-ing. mi ■ i --- CItildren Of len Look Pale and Sick From no othtT eüuse than having worms in the stomBROWN'S VEHSIIFUGE COMFIT8 Will destroy Worcnp without injury to the child.being perfectlv WH1ÏE, and tree trom all coloring orother injurious ingredienta usually used in worm preparaCUHTIS & BROWN.rroprietors, No. 21-i Fulton Street, New York. Sola b VruggUU and Clumisls, anti aMiltrt in mcaxcines at Twkn'tï-Five Cents a Box. WKUyl Cliritp ItjiUiiitf Powflers are rlear enough in the end: the best is the cheapest. Try Gillet's. The Household Panacea and Family J.iniiuunt Is the best remedy in the world for the following cumplaintb, vte. : Crampe in the Limbs and Stomach, Pain in the Stomach, Bowels, or Sïde, Khpumatiam in all its forras. Bilious Colie, Neuralgia, Cholera, Dyaontery, Colds, FreBhWounds.Burns, SoreThroat, Spinal Complaints, Sprams and Bruisen, Chilla and Fever. For Internal and External use. lts operation is not only to relieve the patiënt, Dut entirely removen the cause of the oomplaint. It penétrate and pervades the whole system, restoring healthy uction to all its parts, and quickening the blood. Tlie Ilouscliold Panacea is purcly egetable and AH-Healing. Prepared by CURTÍS & BROWN, No. 215 Fultou Street, New York. Foi sale by all druggists. l4S6yl 'I lic 'lomj Itiiunilril to any person who flnds any irapurity in Oii.i.kt'k Snow-Wlitte Bnking Powder. m i i ►■! Xlnirty Years' Experiencc oC an Old .nrsc. Mr. Winsloivs Sooíliintí Synip is the presoriptioD ut one of the best Female Thysieians aud Nurses in the United States, and has been ujsed for thirty years with never f ailing safety and success by millions et' mothers and children, trom the feeble iufant oí oue week old to the adult. It correcta acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the bowelf , and gives rest, health and comfort to mother and child. We believe it to be the Best and Surest Remedy in the World in all cases of DYSENTEUY and D1AKR.HCEA IN CHILDREN, whetlier it arisen from Teething or froni any other eause. Full directions for ubing will accompany each bottle. None Genuine unless the fac-simile of CURTÍS & PERKlNSisonthe outsido wrapper. Suld by all Medicine Déniers 1436vl MARRIED. Iu this city on the lst inst., by Rer. G. D. Qillespie, at St. Andrews' Church, Hiram Kellooo, Jr., and Isabel, daughter of Alexander McMtjllen, all of Milan. SECOND STOCK - OF - MIL & WINTER GhOOIDS I Now being received by BACH k ABEL HAVING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THE GREAT DEPEESSION EXISTING IN THE EASTEEN MARKETS BY MAKING LAEGE CASH PÜRCHASES. WE ARE NOW ENABLED TO OFFER OUE LARGE AND COMPLETE STOCK OF DRY GOODS AT GREATLT REDUCED PRICES. Lt BUYERS WILL CONSULT THEIR INTERESTS AND EXAMINE OUR STOCK BEFORE HARING PURCHASES. BACH & ABEL. FOR SALE! The subscriber, as Assignee ra Bankruptcy of John F. Miller and Stephen M. Webster, wül offer for sale AT PUBLIC AUCTION, On TUESDAY, THE 13th DAY OP JANUARY, 1874. at 2 o'clock P. M-, at the late Banking Oöice of Miller & Webster, three doors east of the Post Office in Ann Arbor : 1 large Bank Safe, a Bank Counter and partitions, 2 W riting Desks, 1 Letter Prees, several htamps and preesea, several chaire, 3 Btovee, window curtaine, and other office furniture ; 2 Setteew, 1 Piano, 1 Hat Rack, 2 Bedateads, some Cárpete, several Gas Chandeliers, and man y other articles of household furniture ; a mimber of pictiirea and frames, several Watches (if not previously redeemed a horse, cutter, buggy, harnees, string of bells, and divers other articles of personal property. In the meantime, and before the public sale, said property will be subject to private sale, at fair pricee. Ann Arbor, Dec. 30, 1873. E. C. SEAMAN, Assignee. Wantcd, Agcnts, $75 to $250 per month, eTerywhere. male and feruale, to introduce the Genuine Improved CommoB Sense FamHy 8ewlng Machine. Thia machine will etitch, hem, feil, tuck. quilt. cord. bind, braid and embroider in a most superior mamier. Price only $15. Fully licenaed. and warranted for five yeara. We willpay $1,000 tor any machine that will sw a. etronger, more beautiful, or more elastic seam tnan ours. It make the " lastic Lock Stitch." Every econd stitch can be cut. and stlll the cloth can not b pulled apart without tearing it. We pay agenta frpm 75 to $250 per montb and expenses, or a commlssion from which twice that amount can be made. Addresa 8K00MB A CO., 157 State reet, Chicago, Illinoia. TWÊLLÏNG HOUSES FOE SALE A large and very well built brick house, with two or more lots. Two large f ramed houscs. Also a frood sized brick house and framed house ; and a small frame houae on a good lot, intended for adding a front for sale on fair terras and a reasonable credit. Also other buildings, lots, and property. JTIONEY WATED.-So many -wishing to orrow money applj to me that I can readily obtain for Itnders good satUfactory investments at ten per nt. interest. E. w. MOBÖAN. Ann Arbor, Acril 23. 18T3. 1423tf FOR SALE OR RENT.- My resi donce in the city of Ann Arbor is for sale or ren f urnished or unfurnished, to suit purchaser or tenan It is sitnated in one of the most convenient, health and beautiful parts of the city. Apply to me Of t 4wÍ45I e' C. B. GEANT. Notice to Farmers. WANTED - A farm to work on shares. In quire of E. Claek, or addresa " Farmer," P. O Box 108, Ann Arbor. Dec. 24, 1873. 1459w2 HURRY UP ! DARTIKS wishing Wall Paper, Shades A Hollands, Wlndow Fixtures, Cords, TasseU, &c, all New Styles, at Satisfactorj Prices, bj J. B. Webster 6c Co., Book Store, usar the Expíese Office. X X L B. GIDLEÏ, Snccessor to COLGROV E A SON. DRÜGG1ST ANÜ CHI11ST IN COOK'S NEW HOTEL, No. 12 E. HURON STREET DEALER IN DRUGS, JIEWIC1ES, StRCICAL HSTRUMESTS, PURE WISES AND LIQIORS, CFOK MEDICAL PUEPOSES ONLY.) Fancy Goods, Periumery, rAIJÍTS, OII.S, VAKNISHES, ;i,ASS AND PÜTTY, PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS Carefally compounded at all hours. PBOPOSE NOT TO BE UNDERSOLD BY ANY IIRM IN THE CITY WHO FURNISH AS GOOD AN ARTICLE. E. tl. OIDI.EV. 1367tf TALMAGE, SPURGEONT. De Witt Talmage ia editor of Jie CkritHa at Wnrk ; C. H. bpurgeon, Special üontributor. They write for no other paper in America. Three mafrnincent Chromos. Py lal'ger commission than any other paper. CHROMOS ALL READY. No Seetarianism. No Sectionalism. One agent recently obtainetl 380 subscriptions in eighly hours absolute woik. Bornee eoijiea and circulara sent free. AGBNTS -WA-ISTTEID H. W. ADAMS, l'iiblislier. 102 Chambers Street, New York. TAMKS McMAHON, Justicc of the Peftce, Office in new block, North of Court House Money collected and promptly pald over. INSURANCE AGENT. Trinmph, assets, $T27.903.11 Nortn Missouri, " 45,41T.Í)1 Hibernia, " 3ro,0O0.00 REAL 1STATK. I have 80 acres of land ' of a mile from the city imita, tluely located for fruit or garden purposes. Also 40 acres. A18O 10 acres, with h"use and barn,aud a Mvel stream of water running through the barn yard. 60 aeree, a mile out. I will seil any or all„ the abovtcheap, or eschanse for cit proporty. 1374y 1 JAM ES McMAHON. TOR SALE ON LONG CREDIT ! Ann Arbor CityLots, withgood title, and well loated tor residences or business. Alao several Mortgages lor sale. Inquireüf E. W. MORGAN. ■1 C)O„," FIRE I FIRE I C. H. MILLEN'S FIRE IllBAp! The Oldest Agency in the City ! Bepresents the following first-class companiea : lome Insurance Co. of New York City. Capital and surplus over $4,000,000. Continental Ins. Co., of New York, Capital and surplus $2,500,000. Girard Insurance Co., of Philadelpkia. Capital and surplus $750,000. Oriënt Insurance Co., of Hartford. Capital and surplus $600000. No. 4 South Main Street, Ann Arbor. C. H. MILLEN. 1458tf I I , - 'UrJ I BUSINESS COLLEGE! Bank BlooU, Aun Arbor, - Michigan. Students can enter any time after Aug. 31st. Cali and examine facilities for study at our very pleasaut and newly furnished rooms. 1441tf iROCERIES AT LESS THAN COST I L. R. SLAW8OIM ís now selling Groceries at LESS THAN COST For cash to close out his stock. ESF" Buyers ahuuld cali and examine his goode before purtíbaBing. NO HUMBUG ABOUT THIS. Aira Arbor, Nov. 6, 1873. HMtf "ST. NICHOLAS" AND "OUK YOÏÏNG FOLKS." The publishers of ST. NICHOLAS, Scriber's Illustrated magrzine for Oirls and 3oys, take pleasure in announeing that by au arrangement with Messrs. J. K. Osgood & Uo., their wpular Magazine LOÜR YOüJVG FOLKS" HAS BEEN MEEGED IN " ST. NICHOLAS.' In addition to the striking novelties and great literary and artiatic attractions, already offered by " ST. BICHÓLAS," The Beat Features of Our Young ?oïkn will be retained. "St. Nicholas" has been enlarged, new contributions have been aecured ; among them i SERIAL STORY BY J. T. TROWBRIDGE. Late Eaitor of "Our Yonng Folks," which begins in the present number. Other Eminent writers well known to the readers of 6 Our Youur Folks" has been engaged. We are thus enabled :o present to the public a Magazine for Children and Youth, superior in every respect to any ever before publiahed. Thbee Splendid Sebial Stobiis : WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN EXPECTED, A Story for Boys, Bx Fbank B. Stocktok. Author of '-Ting-a-Ling," " Roundabout Kambles," 8tc. Mr. Stockton is one of the best of our Ameri. writers. The scène of the story is laid in Virginia. The boy-hero has started out with a gun on hia shoulder, and we may be sure there will be no end of fun and adventures. "NIMPO'S TROUBLES," A Story for .i ris, By OLIVE THOENE (Mes. Habbiet M. MillebJ, A great favorite with the children. It is a good, strong, wholesome story of girl lile, and will be full of interest for both boys and girls, "FAST FRIENDS," By J. T. TEOWBEIDGE, One of the most popular writers for young folks in America. Keaders of "Jack Hazard," ' A Chance for Himself," and " Doing his Best," will understand what a capital treat is in store for them in Mr. Trowbridge's new story. ALL THESE STORIES SPLENDIDLY ILLL'STEATED. "JIMMTJOHÑ" STOEIES," By Mrs. ABBT MORTON DIAZ, Author of "The William Henry Letters," "William Henry and His Friends," and "Lucy Maria" (who lias the rare and happy gift of knowing how to deiight young people) will appear during the year. There will also be Shorter Stories, Papers on Science and History, Natural Hiatory, Wild Sports and Adventures, Sketches of Travel, Fairy Tales, Poema, Puzzles, Charades, Jingle, Fun and Fancy Instruction, Entertainment and Delight. Something for all, f rom Father and Mother to the baby. The IIlustrations will be the best that the Artistsof two continents can supply, and will be printed with Ihe greatest care. FOR VERY LITTLE FOLKS. Our pages in big type and easy words for the younge8t readers, which have been " hit " from the ttrst, will be continued. The chüdren will be glad to know also, that the department of JACK-1N-TH E-PULPIT .s to be a permanent feature of the mgaaine. Jack ml teil some of the most curioua things ever heard, ind make himself generally entertaining. We have undertaken to make the best magazine possible, for the little folks, as well as those who ire older. Every number of St. Nicholas will oontain iood reading matter for boys and girls of all ages, besides a great deal of hcartv and innocent fun, Chrtstmaa comes but once a year, bat St. Nicholas the new magazine for girls and boys, comes every month. lt has already won the hearts of the yonng folks, and the little children are crying for St. Nicholas. We Want 100,000 Children made Happy BY ST. NICHOLAS 4T THE HOLIDATS. St. Nicholas, as enlarged, contains one-third more matter than Our Young Folks, thns giving a ureat variety for all. With its great Literary and Pictorial Attractions, and its beautiful Printing,it willbefound to be the Cheapest Magazine in the World. Subscription Price,$8a year. The two back nnm bera for November and December, '73, will be sent to all subsribers for '74 without additionl charge. Four Montha for ONE DOLLAR: 25cts a Number - Por Sale and subcriptiona received by ail Booksellers & News Dealers on the aboveterms. Money may be sent to ua in cheeks payable to our order, or in Post Offlce Money Orders, or in Registered Letters. Money in Letters not Registered, at sender's risk SCKIBNER & CO., 654 Broadwaf, New Vork. TjlOB SALE ! The undersigned offers for sale cheap his Store, corner of Huron and Fourth streets : a good and convenient building and one of the beat business locations - espeeially for the grocery trade- in the city. Ann Arbor, Not. 6, 187S. U51tf tL. R. TRADING ASSOCIATION Would cali the ESPECIAL ATTENTION OF THE LADIES i GENTLEMEN Ta the fact that they will offer their ENTIRE STOCK OF AND WOOLENS atJa GREAT REDUCTION FROM FORMER PRICES.l On and after November 24th, 1873,1 FOR 60 DAYS F"or Cash. COINISU1VIERS Will find thi3 the GREATEST OPPORTUNITYf Ever Known ! To make their ChristmaS PURCHASES FOR CASH. S COME AND SEE TRICES ! tí. W. HAYS, Supt. Ann Arbor, Nov. 24, 1873. H54tf


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