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Greeley At Chesterfield American Wonder

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JUcIngan Jigns. When I was in Washington Horace Greeley used occasionally to visit us there. I reniember that he once breakfasted with me, if I recollect aright, tetea-Ute. Mr. Greeley had long before this discarded Grahani bread and a vegetable diet and had grown to be a hearty devourer of animal food. After breakfast I lighted a cigar and offered one to him, although I knew that he did not smoke. Of course he declined it. He was in capital humor, and, turning to me, he asked me if I knew that he claimed to be the most polite man in the country. I told him that I recognized his many ex cellent qualities but was not aware that I13 was especially remarkable for the graces of politeness. He assured me that he was, and told me that he had never been beaten in politeness but once in his lile. That happened, he said many years ago before the days of railroads. Early one morning he left Bagg's Hotel, Utica, in a stage coach westward bound. There was but one passenger besides hitnself, a gentleman of very prepossessing appearance, and with whoin he soon feil into conversation. After awhile the stranger slowly, and as it were mechamcally, drew a cigar case from his pocket, and opening it, tendered it to Mr. Greeley, who declined the proffered offer. The conversación waB resumed, and presently the stranger, extracting a cigar from his case, placed it in hia mouth, and returned the caso to his pocket. Anothor interval of talk ensued, when the stranger abruptly but deferentially reoiarked to Mr. Greeley, ' I hope, sir, you have no objection to a cigar r"' ' None in the world, sir," replied Mr. Greeley, " when it is not aligbt." "Oh," replied his companion, " I had not the remoteet thought of lighting it." Thereupon Mr. Greeley feit that he had been conquered in politeness, and he aftt rward ascertained that the victor was the famous Capt. Sherman, of Lake Chauiplain. The greatest cataract in the world is the Falls of Niágara. The greatest cave in the world is the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky. The greateat river in the world is the Mississippi, 4,100 miles long. The largest valley in the world is the valley of the M iassaiippi. The largeat lake in the world ia Lake Superior, which is an inland sea, being tour hundred and thirty miles long and one thousand feet deep. The longest railroad in the world is the Pacific Kailroad. which is over three thousand miles in length. The greatest natural bridgo in the world is the natural bridge over Cedar Creek in Virginia. The greatest masa of solid iron in the world is the great iron mountain in Missouri. The largest deposits of anthracite coal in the world are in Pennsylvania. -Scicntific American.


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