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Queer Divorce Case

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A queer divorce case this is, in Fairfield Conueoticut. The parties had been niarried 20 years whtm the old lady disoovered that sho aud her husband were " in compatible," so she comruenoed proceedings for a divorce. Then it was that her distracted and desperate husband gave her $30 nut go on with the action. What did the cruel woman do but use this veri money to go on with tho aotion still more vigorously, so that she obtained a decree'. Theu, with feminine inconsistency, she went back to live with the ox-husband though in doubt whether it was right to do so. If she has tnonoy left, her lawyer can soon satisfy or dissatisfy her mind up on that delicate point. A Kansas paper gives tho following report of Judge's senteuce, lately passed ou a criminal : " Brumley, you infamous scoundrel ! You're an unredeemed villain You hairi't a single redeemed trait in your character. Your wii'e and fainily wish we had sent you to the penitentiary. This is the fifth time I've had you before me, and you have put me to more troubln than your neck is worth. I've exhorted and prayed over you long enough, you scoundrel. Just go homo and take onc glimpse at your family, and be off in short order ! Don't let's ever hear of you again! The Grand Jury have found twootberindictments against you, but I'll discharge you on your uwh recognizances, and if I ketch yon in this neck óf vvnods to-inorrow morning at daylight, 111 sock you right in jail and send you off to Jeffersonville in less than no timo, you infamous scoundrel ' If ever I eatch you crosing your flngêr at man woman or child - white man or nigger - I'll sock you right square into the jug ! Stand up, 'ou scoundrel, while I pass sentence on rou !" " What would you have done with a ase like that of Tichborne in your coun;ry'r"' asked John Buil of his American ousin. "Well, I guess the jury would ïave made a joint stock concern of it and ivided the proceeda with the party who had the most greenbacks."


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