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riie Houseliold Panacea and Family Llniment a the best Temedy in the world for the following omplaints, viz. : (trampa in the Limbeand Stomach, 'ain in the Stomaoh, Bowela, or Side, Rheumatum in 11 ita forma, BiliousColiu, Neuralgi, Cholera, Dyeenery, Colds, FreHhWound8,Burnn, SoreTliroat, fcpinal omplninta, Sprains and Bruiaoa, Chilla and Fever. Tor lDternal and External use. lts operation ia not ouly to relieve the patiënt, but ntirely removes the cause of the complaint, It pene■ates and per'fide the vrtufle System, imtoring ïenlthy action to all its parts, and guickening the TnO Household Panacea is purely Vegeapreep"yHealing' CURTI9 & BROWN. So. 215 Fulton Street, New Tork. For sale by ail dracsts. 14S6y I Mil k SM Offer tit prices to correspond with the late ■ New York Rales. New and Fashionable Dress Goods. New Biftfitz and Drab De Etes. New Silks and Alpacas. New Black Dress Goods. New Shawls and Cloakings. New Fringes and Guipure Laces. New Ribbons and Embroideries. N"ew Goods for Men's wear. New Flannels and Blankets. New Bleach and Brówn Cottons. IJ-üT" Those wanting to buy Dry Goods cheap should not fail to give us a cali. MACK & SCHMID. "WÁGÑER The Onc-Priced' Clottaier ! Has recently enlargedhis store ind has just received and offers to the public the larest stock of MENS', YOUTHS', AND BOYS' Ready-Made Fall and Winter CLOTHING ! Ever brought within the County of Washtenaw.- These goods were bought for cash, and will be Bold at the lowest posaiblecash price. AT WAGNER'8. Also constantly on hand a fine line of Foreign and Domestic Clotks, Cassimeres and Vestings All in errcat variety, wbich will be made up to order and warranted to t. AT WAGNEITS. A complete and large stock of Gents' Furnishing Goods of every description, lower thnn ever. AT WAGNBE'S. TRUNES AND VALI9ES of varions styles and makes. AT WAONEK'S. GOOD PAPER COLLARS only 8 ets. per box. WM. WAGNEE. 21 South Main St. , Ann Arhor If yon aro Suffering from any CHRONIC DISEASE, lïrokcn Down Conliiutionr Or requira Kemedy to , Pnrlfy and Enricb the Blood, Vou will flnd Dr.Crook's Compoantl Sy rnp of Poke Boot to posiess grvnter m'"Htf euro you more npcedilv, and do more good ; than any and all othor remedies combinad. ' Vtinl FtlsV'l. S Kl -looi. :nir Skin i Ls changed to one of troaimesR nud nealth ' Those HSschhi-s of the i tnles, Blotctie and Ernpiions ure re. moved. Scrot'nla. Scroliiïons DisenseN of tüe Eyes, White wolliims, ITIoerx, Old Sores or any kind of Humor rapidly dwind e and disappear nnder itH influence. liril h it? lt is nature's own restorer! A soluble oxyd of Iron combined with the medicinal properties of Poke Root divestert ot all disagreeable quallties. It willcureany wbose real or direct cause is BnJ , Iiluol. lilM'iunniisni. I'ainH in l.ïiiil)-. ot Bonn, Oonstitntions braken down , by Mercurial or oliier pojsons, are all cured , by iUCJPor Syiluli,or Nyphilitio tuint, there is nothink equai to lt A trial wil prove it. Bold by , w7a. lovejoy, I TOBACCONIST 1 1 c Deals in both ' FINE CUT AND SMOKING ; TOBACCO, Snuff, 3ripes, &c, S AT SO. 7 ÉASt HURON STUEET, iVext to the Express Office, AJI ABBOB, ItlICH. IMítf I ' pjESIRABLE EEAL ESTÁTE ron SALE! The subscribir, on account oí UI health offer hia 33 ACRKS In the Corporation for sale. This ground adjoins the Universitj Observatory on the east, opposite side of the street. It has a most excellent SPRING ! On the Bortlieiiat corner- formerly supplied the Rail road tanks with water. ITS ADVANTACES Are as follows : ■ For city purposes the Huron River meanders the same somo 30 to 4U rods, and is part of the best "Water Power Ün the River in this vicinity, nd the elevation on the northeoat oorner is suttLcient] y high and ampie to sup ply the city neeessitiea for water and flre purposes THE WESTERN PORTION m ' On the road is very appropriate and suitable for a Public City Cemetery. The city has no such grounds now but inust have soon, and whatever grounda the city doen not care to use, can be sold at an advantage. so much ao,that the cost of the Water Works grounde and Cometer;, would be merely nominal. If the city does not want the same, the grounds would be invaluable for FRU1TS, LARGE&SMALL, There being some ICO trees now in bearing Vegetables and Pasturage, And alao for MILKsupply,BLOODED STOCK, tiorses, Mieep, And other animáis always ín great want by many Ín the city and its vicinity. As city lots adjoining th( northwest corner of this land are now selling frora threehundred to three hundred and fifty dollars, these lands would or could be sold in a short time to e good advantage and to much profit to the purchasers LIBEEAL TUERTE Will be given or the same will be exchanged for Mer eh;int;ible goods or Drugs and Medicines, at cast prices. TRACY W. ROOT. A.nn Arbor.Jan 31 1873. 1411 L. C. RISDON 8ELL9 . PERRY & CO.'S No. 9 New Aiiritu OPPER LItfFD IRON-CLAD RESERVOIR, FULL TRIMMED, FOTt $6OI Otlier Stoves iii proportion 31 SOUTH MAIN ST., ANN AEBOR. 144Ctf pHAMBERS' ENCTCLOPJEDIA. A DICTIONAItY OF Universal Knowledge for the People. RKVXSED EÍÜIXION". WITH Mapf?, riates, and Engravings. Complete in 10 Yols. of 832 pages eacli. lllustrated with about Four Thousand Engravings and Fort i ;liM", togetiier with a Series of froin Èighty to One Ihnulretl Elrgantly En(jrai-fii Pintes - illustrative of the Subjects of Natural History -now for the first time appeariiig in the work. PKIOE PER VOLUME. Extra Glotn, beveled boards, - - $5 50 Library Bheep, marbled edges, - - 6 00 Half Turkey Movocco, ■ - 6 50 Tuis Edition is Sold only by Agents. Published by J. B. LIPPINCOTT & CO., lJlnlaJelphia, Pa. HYLVANUS WARKRX, 189 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, General Agent lor the State of MichVnu. By coinparing Oliambers' Encyclopcedia with the New American Cyclopaèdia, - the work with which it S most i'rrqin.Mitly bfOttgbt into comparison, it will 3e found that while tlie ten volumes of Chambers' iontain 8320 pages, the original tixtten volumes of the cw American contain lesa tlian 12,000 pages. It vill also be tuiiml that a page of Chiimbers' contains 'uïï one-fi f th more matter thau a page of the New nirri-;iTi, mak ing die tes volumes of the t'ormer 'quivalent in amonnt of prlnted matter to at least hirteen volumes of the latter, not to mention the itiii.rious Platea fabout 80), Woodcuts (some 4 OOOj, md Majjs (about 40), that ure included in this edition if Ohambers, and to whirh the New American pos o eorrespondina features, It is coniidently ielieved that as a popular " Iictionaky of Uiïi veral Knowledge," the work is without an equ.-tl in lie BSffUfih liinguage. 142fyl -rr 4 LECTUEE TO mSSüÊ SBEy isEisr. Just publishcd, in a Sealsd Euvelope. Price 6 ets. L l.cclurc on tlie Nature Trcatmcnt nd Badioal euro of S])rrmat()rrnoBa or Seminal Vcakiii'ss, Iuvoluntary Kminaious, Sexual Debility, ud Impedimenta to Marnage generally; Nervousless, ConsumptioTi, Kpilepsy and Fits; Mental and 'hvsicíil Cnoapacity, resultiug from Abuse, etc. -By ROBEKI J. CULVEUWELL, M. D., Author f the" Green Book," &c. The world-rcnown autlior, in this admirable Lecure, clearly proves from bis own experience that be awiul consequeüces of Abuse may be elfectuUy removed without medeeine, aud without dangerus surfiical operations, bougies, instruments, rings roordials, pointingouta mode of cure at onceceriiu and efleotual by which every sufferer, no matt what his oondition may be, mny cure himself tieaply. privately and radically. THIS Í.KCTIÜK P"ILL PROVE A BOON TO THOUSANDS AND HOU8AFD8, Sent underseal, to any iddress. in a plain sealed ovelope, on the ruceipt of six cents, or two poatage üimps. Also Dr. Cülverwell's "Marriago Guide," price, ) cents. Address tlie Fublishers, CHAS. J C. KLINE & CO., 12T liowery, Now York, Poatotiice Box, 458(!. 143(iyl C HURRY UP ! K 1IARTIES wishing Wall Paper, Cloth and Paper Shadcs. üollands, Window Fixtures, Coids, Taüsele, &c, all New Btyle. at Satiafactorj Prices. by J. . AVebster Co., Bjok More, near the Express Office. X ■ÜALL BULLETIN ! E. J. JIIKH. HATTER! Haa turned lits back upon Winter and opened his stock of WINTER GÜODS! Including kII the latest styles of Hats and Caps I GENT' FUKMSHING GOODS, &c. "Which must be BOld. , GOODGOO SANDLOWPRICES Is the word to pasa along the line. 7 Simtli Main st.,Ann Ai-bor ! 1424 TUT YOUE MONEY ! WIIERE IT WILL DO THE MOST GOOD. e i i A. A. TERSY HAS A FULL 6TOCK OF HATS AND CAPS IN THE LATEST STYLES. QÜALITY AND PRICES TO DE F Y COMFE T1T1O ' IALSO, A FDLL LINE OF GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS ífWm Cali ieore purchadug. 15 South Main Street. _jsgj CIVEN AWAY IF IT WILL NOT INSTANTLY RELIEVE kist M fe xsjsr CutL BÜrns M W a" lmilar Sa.ns ' TM.ea.e.. WILL KILL The worst cough In quicker time than any other preparation In the wond. Wewlllwlll refund the money If we do not glve Immedlate relief. SOLD EVERYWHERE. ONLY HARMLESS DYE. Acts like j&. the most a charm I fl k natural Neverfails BÊ B shados to S W of Brow" ly produce r or Black BY ONE APPLICATION. TREMAIN & COLE, GROCERS AND PROVISIÓN DEALERS No. 30 East Hjuron Street. A full line of Groceries constantly on hand and for salecheap, including Hugars, Teas, Spices, &c. Country Produce Bought and aold. Bring in your Butter, Eggs, Poultry, i-'ruits, &c. W. B. (OM! haa eatablished his (,'oñl office at tha store of TRBMAIN & COLE, whnre all orders will be promptly altend f 'd tu' 1438 f STEARPI'S'.. COCO-OLEflE, K porfoct liair dreasing- not a dye - nor ;i 1 - storatire, but a dreaaing, elegant p-" aml euunomioal. I" ■""H STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE i U the scalp, imparta a deliphtt'ul mame o: viitilny and sot'tnens h-'"r- Ml" haiv. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, sweetly pirt'umed and. limpid, rendors tho hair ?i:tpleand y drtae?i it in any t- H üoain i forrn. " STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, entirely v( ffc+ablo oil, prevenís Ihat dxyudsa ot' Biüilp W h i C h causes dandruü , " to n umulate. " r j STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE coniaiuri in une Iargp 1xttle moro oil and moro ] ufuniu mm Bh than any otlu r - ■ h a i r dreafúuE in uiaikct, and"ibc?sidr.s is solii UW v iity-live per cont,. leafl tlian njot othci'B. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE .' briphi'Misbl(tii(io]j;Mr,(larl--enfianl) urn hair, rendei-s iustrons brown and binck Vi ■ limr, lessens tho harshues of cour-e li;;ir. STEARNS COCO-OL 'INE ÏTiEDERIOK &TEARNS, - OÜEMIS f DBTRO1T, itïli'ir. ac Sold. evcrywhere. Bc suro und gct the Genuln nr f oc-Oleiiïc. Let, no onu polín offouyoaa bottlfl m of kchli; ciMp avd worihí s luiriíi'ioiL of Coco ti: Ol-iiie. Tuere ure more than tvcuiy contpr;irfta oï it now boM, putnp asnear lilie tïie g-t-numc as thü makers ciare nnd ovad:! the law. - J ' ' - n HURRY UP ! PARTIES wlahing Wall Paper, ShadeB Hollands, Wlndow Piitnrea, Cords, ÍS; Tasscis, &c, all New StTles, at Satisfactor " Prices, by J. R. Webster A Cv., Book Store, near the Expíese Office.


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