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The entislavery imlicDtions in th"n State continue favorable. The Hownrd District Free Pres lias n notice oL the decense of Nicholas Worthïngtbn, who has teft n estnte of neorly $200,000. He providcd for his slavctí us lullmv.1-: All ihe sla ves helonpin1 to ilie deceafcd are rn.nmniited, with the exceptio of five áiiperaHiiunled n{froe., vlio ore to 'ive upon eilherof'the two estntes rnentioned, as they miy cl.onie, ad h-Iio nre to be supporled liibor the rcmainder oK their lives. The chives of mixteen yema of age are to be free in mx tn"ntlis; iIip yoiinwcr slnves, wlien ilipy attüin 1 lm t ngc, ond tinti) they ure IC they ore Iei the property óf ilieir inother. fBy Airy' i. frte früm ihy dny of his death - tho children of 'f)orrns' nre free ut elrven oars of age. f lis sluw Chrrles receives bis '"retdoin oud 2000 doilnre. 'fleDry' recniros his fu-fdi ui inmiedinle.'y and a legaey of five inirxiri'd dollars. To E of lus neroes he has lelt W Bcre6 of land i Cnrroll coiinty to bfpo, nlly diTidi-fi omong tl Km. T 'Lit'Ie Bill' he Ipnves 2P dollure r year for ten ypnrs. To 7 of his wgrops o legficv of 40 dollars !ith. To 14 of hi negroes a legaey of 30 dollars each' A Catliedral is n progrese of building in Montrcnl which contnins 1,362 pews: will nceoniodate 15,000 nnd will cost $600.000.