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The Oregon Question

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Mr. Cushing, our lale minister to China, ir.s publisheil a loníj article on this subject, vnrmly ndvocating the policy prescribed in Vlr. Pulk's message. Me thinks, if let alonp, liattlie setllers in Oregon will ultimaleiy de erniine the questun of their independenee of England. In reference to a vvar wtth Engand, he says: "JVar, therefore, remains os a possihle allernative, but ne uhich in my opinión, there is nut tlie slightéét present cnise to apprelicnd. Rpmember, war, to exist at nll, must bc nn ogpreesive wor on the part of Grmt Britaín. She must come here to srek it. - Wc are no proposinp tu gi to Europe, and to tnke fiom her Scötlénjd pr la!f of Lelnnd, by force. ït is öhe wlio invades, ond must ast-ume nll the liaznnls of invat-ion. Will ►he do Ihis! 1 do notbelieve it. Sir Robert Peel m-iy largely on the siibjfct for the piirpnse of carryine tbrongh Parliament smne critica! (lomestic measure, or in the vain hope to intimidnie the Uniled Stn'es. But Enjilnnd íp too depcndent on America for co'ton and c rn to d( clare war efrninst us l'ghtiy. "I reitérate the declaraiion, then. that I t hink the existing panic on the subject as idle as it is incomprehensible, and that I have not ihc faiittnsl nppreliension of the imminence of' war witn Great Britain - confi'lcnt, moan while, that when (if ever) it does coidp, it wiü cease only wiih the ulier expulsión of her power (rom America.''