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A Challenge To The Democracy!

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Alabama hns been a Democratie (!) 5tato ever since out recolleclion. Of :ourse its legislation should bo markcd y a rigid regard to the rights of its citi',ens. Hete is a specimen of its love for br hunnian liberty in the words of a statUe passed in February, 1839. "And bo it furrfveY That it shall be lawful for any person to seize md niake a slave for life lo hisown use, auiy free person of color who may have some into the Siate of Alabama since the first day of Febuary, 1832: and be it further enncted, That it shall and may be lawful for any person to seize upon and mnke a slave for life any free person of color, who may be found in the State of Alabama aft or the passage of this act, and who shall have come into the State since its passage.'5 Approved, Feb. 2, 1339." Now, as we wish to give a fair chance to our political opponents, we challenge the vvholb Democratie party in this State to adduce another such ii.stance of legisíative meanness, cruelly, and outrngeous oppression of the poo.r, in the records of all the civilized world for the last half century! They may go to despotic Russia, ttarving Ireland, or slaveholding Brazil, and thoy connot find a statute so base and vilainous as this. No, the Domocracy of Alabama carry off the palm of meanness agninst the world. - Yet they ai e hailed by the Democracy of Michigan as 'Soulhern Democratie hrelftren"!!(tIt is worthy of notice that the re-' ceipts on the TarifF nre diminishing. - The receiptsof the first quarter of this year nre less by $2,011,885,90, th'art for the corresponding quarter last year. - Under the operarion of (he present tariff there has been a steady decrease in the avernge of duties upo-n düt'iabïe in ports - being for the nine montlis ending June 30th, 1843, 37,84 1-10 per cent; year ending June 30th, 1844, 33,85 9-Í0 per cent; year ending June 30, 1845 29,90 per cent. These results are atlributed to the ditninution in the import of some highly protected articles, and the substitulion of rival domestic Droducts. -