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What n varioty! Huw excellent the quality ond ihen again how reafonnble the priees of goods ot W. A. Ruymond's Siore, No. 143, Jefferson Avenue, Detroit. Let no eonsumer who visits tliecily fait Co cll at No 148, wliere, n èxchnnge fcr his cush, he wil be siire lo gct the value receivcd. ttTOmÏKiclo on the Tarifl' last week made us to sny thal tlio nationul e.xpenditures niight bc reduced to fifiy cents to each taxpayer, by nbolisiiing the prepnrntir ns for Wnr, and odopiing direct taxation. If the number of taxpaycra be three millions, which is a large estímate, and the umotint o be raisrd six 8nd a qnarler inillTons, the avernge wotild be a littlc more tlmn tvvo dollars to cach pa y er. OCTThe Sonate have passed to o third rcading, a bilí to pay ihemselves Three Dollars a day, each; and the President of ihe Senate nnd Speaker of the House Six Dollars a eay, each. So mach for " J)cviocralic Reform11 The vote stood, yeas 12; nays 6. We will publish the proceedings, at length, next week.