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Cnngrcss accomplished but little the week before Chrisimne, but for theaake of enjoying the bolidaye,bolh Ilousea udjourned over Oom Tueaday to Satrtrdiy. In the Senate, Dec. 23, Mr. Webster presented soveral memoriala, igned by thous nnds, njjniiist tho admi.siion of Texos as a Slare Státe. They are a little too late for TcKas, fiö BDid, iïut may do for Cuba. Mr. CnsB ofíered a resolutioo of nijuiry ihto the expediency ofnh appiöpriatiön for di-cp ning tlïti St. Clnir which vfasadopled. Mr. Benton roparted a bilí to retoré the office of 2d inspector general óf the Army. - Alao, lö' organice a company of miner?, flappers and pontonniers. The bill to establish Courts nnd to cxtend the lnn-s of tha United States over Texas vas passed. Rev. Mti Tu8tin was re elected chaplain of the Senat. The vote stood- Tugiin 28, Sprole 5, Gurley 4, Matthews 3. Tho Senate thcn went into executive pcbsion for a short time. And then Mr. Allen's joint reolutio respccting (heOrepon notice was called up and referred to the Commlttee on foreign relotiona. Th policy of Mr. Calhoun has been looked for with fome interest in the Oregonquestion aa an index of the coursn of the South. On the SOth, he introduced a series of resolutions, the substenre ef which is, that the President ond Senate may setlle the boundaries of the country by treaty, and that "the t'resident of the United Stnle., in renewing the offer, in the spirit of peace and compromiso, to etstoblifh the 49lh degrre of north lati'udeas a line between tho two countries, to the said territory, did not abandon the honor, the character, or the best interests of the American people, or exceed the power ve6ted in him by the co'istitntion, to mako treaties.1' The subject thus oponed was discussed at great length by Messre. Hannegan, Haywood, Calhoun, Allen, Archer and J. M. Clayton, but before nny action was had, the resolution and pending amendment was laid on the toble.