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Anecdote Of Thad. Stevens

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Piorce M. B. Young, now a representativo in Congress from Mississippi, was a Confedérate General and a gradúate of West Point. He carne to Washington soon after the war, seeking to have his disabilitiea removed. He is a fine, inanly fellow, and seems to have accepted the results of the war in good faith, He went to Thad. Stevens, who was Chairman of the Eleotion Committee, and Thad. began to play with him, as sometimes did with those whom he intended to make his victims. He said ; " You are a gradúate of West Point, I believe i" "Yes, sir." " Educated at the expenso of the United States, I believe, which you swore faithfully to defend'r"' " Yes, sir." " You went into the service lor the infernal rebellion." " Yes, sir." "You were a brigade commander in the raid into Pennsylvania, which destroyed the property of so many of my constituents ?" " Yes, sir." " It was a squad of men under your reet charge, and under your personal oommand, that burnod my rolling mili Í", " Yes, sir." Young thought he was gone, but seeing that the old veteran had come into the possession of the last fact, which Young did not dream hc knew, it was iinpossiblo to deny the truth of his questions. Thad. roared out, "Well, I like your d - d impudence. I will see that your disabilities are removed. Good morning." And the next day the bill passod the House.


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